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WFSU Public Media reporters, as well as reporters from public radio stations across the state, bring you timely news and information from around Florida. Whether it's legislative maneuvers between sessions, the economy, environmental issues, tourism, business, or the arts, Capital Report provides information on issues that affect the lives of everyday Floridians.

  • On tonight’s program: Florida’s six week abortion ban clears the House. The bill is now headed to the governor’s desk; As lawmakers look at expanding parental rights in schools, a backlash is building; Tighter rules regarding public sector employee unions doesn’t get universal support from legislative Republicans; And Florida’s budget is almost a done deal, with the emphasis on the word “almost.”
  • On tonight’s program: What kind of history can be taught in Florida schools? The answer may depend on who you ask; A bill to stop credit card companies from tracking gun sales is closer to passage; Lawmakers look to toughen penalties for gun criminals and other violent offenders; And lawmakers and others are responding to a statement one Republican House member made earlier this week against members of the LGBTQ community.
  • On tonight’s program: The all-important Florida budget is taking shape as House and Senate members start bringing their separate versions into agreement; Florida lawmakers debate still more changes to the state’s elections laws; And a pointed attack by a Florida lawmaker on the LGBTQ community draws criticism from multiple sides.
  • On tonight’s program: Florida Republicans want to protect monuments from destruction and removal, regardless of who they offend; Florida’s veterans are weighing in on the state’s new permitless carry law; And a bid to protect users internet privacy is back, and so are the opposition ads.
  • On tonight’s program: Inside and outside the Capitol, there was impassioned debate and protests this week over Florida’s proposed six-week abortion bill; Some say it’s too much, others say it’s not enough. But few people think Florida’s new concealed carry law is a good thing; As state lawmakers assert more and more authority, local governments in Florida are pushing back; Florida’s first Generation Z member of congress has some thoughts about what’s going on in the Florida Legislature; TikTok becomes a no-no at a growing number of Florida institutions of higher learning. Some students are ahead of that curve; The mother of a transgender daughter wonders why some people in the Florida Legislature are so focused on her child; And lawmakers move to give teen students a few more winks before they have to get up and go to school.
  • On tonight’s program: More changes seem certain for Florida’s election laws; Local ordinances regulating landlord-tenant matters would be scrapped under a measure now being considered by state lawmakers; And Florida lawmakers consider more online privacy protections for young people.
  • On tonight’s program: Florida lawmakers target the so-called “bad actors” in the state’s insurance market; Local government officials decry the latest moves by the state legislature to pre-empt local control; Amidst a rash of purloined platinum, the Florida Senate passes a bill ramping up penalties for catalytic converter theft; And forgotten African-American cemeteries in Florida may be restored under a bill now working its way through the Florida House.
  • On tonight’s program: Within 24 hours of filing, sweeping changes to Florida’s voting laws hits the legislature; A Monday evening protest outside Tallahassee City Hall ends with several arrests, including the Florida Senate Minority Leader and chair of the state’s Democratic Party; And Florida lawmakers may give themselves more power in a public health emergency.
  • On tonight’s program: Tense times in the Florida Senate today as a six-week abortion ban is passed; Just days after passage by lawmakers, Governor DeSantis signs the permitless concealed carry bill into law; And it seems the governor’s effort to punish Disney for opposing some of his policies may not have worked as intended.
  • On tonight’s program: A move to ban nearly all abortions after 6 weeks is raising alarms; Florida now has greatly expanded school choice. We discuss which students are most likely to benefit; Florida seems poised to add a lot more affordable housing to what’s been a shrinking stockpile; The Florida Legislature tries again to get alimony changes across the finish line; Lawmakers are also giving another go to exempting infant diapers – and now adult incontinence products – from the state’s sales tax; And Medicaid coverage runs out for many Floridians this weekend. And keeping that coverage in force is easier said than done.
  • On tonight’s program: The state Senate passes the bill allowing people to conceal carry firearms without a permit in Florida; Another so-called “bathroom bill” is back before Florida lawmakers; And time could be running out for Florida’s public-private partnership entities such as Enterprise Florida.
  • On tonight’s program: With passage of a 6-week abortion ban in Florida ever more likely, opponents have launched a last-ditch effort to defeat the measure; A protest in Tallahassee rails against many of the legislature’s priorities; A state lawmaker makes the case that medical marijuana and hemp products are totally different; The size of Tallahassee’s State Capital Complex could be getting bigger; And the state Senate takes up a major priority of House Speaker Paul Renner to prevent government investments based on anything but rate-of-return.