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WFSU Public Media reporters, as well as reporters from public radio stations across the state, bring you timely news and information from around Florida. Whether it's legislative maneuvers between sessions, the economy, environmental issues, tourism, business, or the arts, Capital Report provides information on issues that affect the lives of everyday Floridians.

  • On tonight’s program: State leaders say they wanted to address property insurance during the recent legislative session, they just couldn’t come to an agreement. Now, they’re preparing to try again; Several communities in the Panhandle could lose out on funding for local projects in this year's state budget if a government watchdog group gets its way...; There’s a new commissioner in charge of Florida’s Department of Education; Some higher education bills passed during this year’s session could wind up complicating life for those who run Florida’s colleges and universities; And Florida’s jobless numbers are low amid staffing shortages, giving workers unprecedented leverage.
  • On tonight’s program: Lawmakers are getting ready to meet in Tallahassee this week to take up Governor Ron DeSantis' congressional map...; Besides redistricting, will Florida lawmakers also take on skyrocketing property insurance rates as more and more homeowners complain to those same lawmakers; Doctors worry about what will happen to patients who can’t needed abortion care in Florida; Just a week after Governor DeSantis signed the controversial Parental Rights Bill into law, some Florida teachers are already re-thinking their career choice and some students are feeling targeted; A Tallahassee man faces murder charges in the killing of the activist who was pivotal in the passage of the law allowing gay marriage in Florida; Expanded mental health resources are now available for vets in Southwest Florida; And state conservationists gather for a first-ever summit to protect and even expand Florida’s wildlife corridor.
  • On tonight’s program: Florida’s “Parental Rights Bill” may now be the law of the land, but that doesn’t mean it’s immune from opponents’ lawsuits; A North Florida parent, who at first seemed to understand her child’s gender issues, now insists their school is to blame; At least a few Florida lawmakers feel the Disney Company’s opposition to the new Parental Rights Law is egregious enough to repeal the law that has given the entertainment giant special status in the Sunshine State; Governor Ron DeSantis has given his okay to two new laws that will impact nursing home residents--including a change to how many hours of care residents must receive from certified nursing assistants; As the number of seniors with cognitive impairments keeps rising, the number of medical specialists who can help them is simply not keeping up; And Florida continues to fall short of its statewide recycling goals. One reason is the need for more education.
  • On tonight’s program: State lawmakers will meet in Tallahassee later this month to redraw a congressional map, but voting rights groups suing over the state's map are counting on the courts to decide how the lines are drawn...; Florida’s newly-passed election law changes, along with a federal court striking down some of last year’s election law revamps, has the state’s elections supervisors scrambling; Florida school administrators ponder how to add a half-credit financial literacy course to already-packed student schedules; The cream of the Capital Press Corps share their thoughts on the lawmaking session, which was so much oriented towards re-electoral aspirations; A Russian father and daughter are calling on Floridians to push government leaders to take a stand against Russia’s attack on Ukraine; Forecasters are predicting an active 2022 Atlantic Hurricane season; And the venerable American political tradition of the campaign song is back with a vengeance in Florida.
  • On tonight’s program: The nationwide pushback against Florida’s Parental Rights in Education bill continues, with critics saying what the bill doesn’t expressly prohibit goes well beyond what is actually stated in the legislation; LGBTQ workers at Florida’s most famous theme park also consider the current political climate a “hostile environment”; Advocates worry a new measure on nursing home staffing may put residents in jeopardy; If you have a health problem or medical question, the result may depend more on state politics than you imagine; A Florida photographer is graphically documenting the plight of those who can’t locate affordable housing; Experts say the epidemic of starvation that’s devastating Florida’s manatee population will require much more aggressive measures to turn around; And a nominee to the U-S Supreme Court is inspiring today’s students at the Miami High School she once attended.
  • On tonight’s program: This year’s lawmaking session focused much of its attention on so-called “culture war” issues, bringing criticism from many advocates, as well as legislative Democrats; Those “culture war” discussions often sparked emotional outbursts at the Florida Capitol; News Service of Florida Capitol Reporter Jim Saunders shares his impressions of this year’s lawmaking session; Lawmakers pass a bill allowing businesses to sue local governments for loss of profit, but environmentalists are worried about the impact it could have to Florida’s wildlife; Gov. DeSantis announces money to help Florida students recover from pandemic learning losses; Lawmakers could head into special session to draw a new congressional map if Governor DeSantis makes good on his promise to veto the legislature's reapportionment plan; And Capital Report Contributor Steve Bousquet has some final thoughts on what took place during the 2022 Florida lawmaking session.
  • On tonight’s program: The Florida Legislature goes into overtime. A veteran capital reporter tells us why; After much public and media critique, Florida’s Baker Act is in line for some major changes. Which many advocates see as a “good beginning”; Florida lawmakers give Governor Ron DeSantis more power over state agency appointments; A measure aimed at recruiting law enforcement now also gives sheriffs more flexibility in their budgets; This year’s legislative session had some election law changes, including the creation of a special police force to make sure the laws are followed; Once again, Florida lawmakers take aim at a requirement that legal advertising be carried in actual newspapers of record; And amidst all the talk of budgets and culture wars, is there really anything more important than determining what Florida’s official state dessert should be?
  • On tonight’s program: After a passionate discussion about race, the Florida Legislature passes a sweeping bill about how issues about race can be addressed in schools; While some say immigrants should work through the system if they want to live in the United States, other point out that system doesn’t work the same for everyone; And State wildfire officials caution that the threat of wildfires won't die after they contain a massive blaze burning in three northwest Florida counties...
  • On tonight’s program: Now in the final days of the legislative session, bills are moving quickly. House lawmakers sent a number of bills to the governor’s desk including a controversial measure that creates a presumption that equal time with both parents after a divorce is in the best interest of a child; Remember the old line about either hanging together or hanging separately? It’s a message that may be lost on Democrats in the Florida Senate; And rain has begun to fall over a massive wildfire burning in northwest Florida. Crews working to keep the flames from spreading say it could help...
  • On tonight’s program: Amidst furious protest, the Florida Legislature passes a measure restricting public school discussion of sexual preference and gender identify, a big priority for Governor DeSantis; Some lawmakers worry a measure that changes shoplifting penalties could hurt low income kids; And one of Florida’s own, Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson, is President Biden’s pick at the next U.S. Supreme Court justice. A prominent public policy expert talks about it.
  • On tonight’s program: Still more controversy erupts over Florida’s Parental Rights Bill as the governor’s spokesperson lashes out at the measure’s critics, generating a tidal wave of pushback; Wildfires threaten lives and property in Northwest Florida; And a battle over changing Florida’s public university accreditation rules is beset by uncertainty.
  • On tonight’s program: This year’s legislative session isn’t over yet, but it seems Governor DeSantis is already a big winner. His priorities, like an immigration crackdown, are being passed, even in the face of ferocious objections from advocates and Democrats; The Legislature finally passes a pair of newly redrawn congressional district maps for voters in the upcoming election. But Governor DeSantis doesn’t seem to like either of them; As the House passes a bill limiting the discussion of sexual preference and gender identity in public schools, angry students descent on the Florida Capitol in protest; Changes are in the works for Florida's rooftop solar industry; And Florida’s affordable housing crisis continues to get worse, as advocates urge renters and buyers not to panic.