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Voices That Inspire Extended Interview
Weekly Podcast

WFSU's Director of Content and Community Partnerships, Kim Kelling, interviews movers and shakers — the people who make up our local Big Bend communities. Kim's guests are asked to share thoughts on their own sources of inspiration with our listening audience. By listening to this podcast you will discover that inventiveness, creativity, innovation, and inspiration can be realized in many ways.

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  • As Executive Director of Ladies Learning to Lead, Samantha Vance is an eager and inspired community advocate. The organization is a non-profit that serves over 3000 young women and promotes mentorship relationships. She believes that great mentors have great mentors and feels blessed to have so many great mentors herself.
  • Niki Kelly is Executive Director for Girls Inc. of Bay County. She stays inspired by the girls her organization works with as well as the young women who work within the organization. For her, it's a real source of hope for our collective future. They focus on "She Votes," a program where they teach about the importance of voting and the role of women in elected office.
  • Donna Legare, retired co-founder of Native Nurseries and current president of Apalachee Audubon Society, is inspired by nature. She is inspired to protect plants, the animals that use them, and their habitat. She has great faith in our younger generations but believes older people need to mentor and educate.
  • Novelist and teacher Ravi Howard knew early on that he was interested in writing. He explains that he uses writing as a time-modifying escape to connect to ideas that are meaningful. He acknowledges the challenges right now for those who want to create and consume art, but finds comfort in the endurance of the medium.
  • Lequita Sharrock is the CEO of Sharrock Media Group, and Rory Sharrock is president and COO of Sharrock Media Group. They believe that embracing diversity and celebrating our differences is important, because everyone can learn from one another. Love should be the foundation of everything you do, and if it's not then you have the wrong agenda.
  • Tallahassee native and Senior VP of Government Affairs for the Florida Bankers Association, Kenneth Pratt, has seen a shift of no voices representing his home neighborhoods on the south side of Tallahassee, to now where there are more voices talking about the issues affecting all different regions of the community. He sees people working together, which he believes benefits the Tallahassee community as a whole. Kenneth shares the importance of the support system that his parents surrounded him with - people who had his best intentions in mind.
  • Amanda Karioth Thompson is an Assistant Director for the Council On Culture and Arts and manages arts education and public art programming. She shares that artists share their identity through their work, making them vulnerable. By this action, she is inspired. She advocates for art as an expression and healing tool, which can help especially through our current trying times.
  • Principal of R. Frank Nims Middle School, Dr. Benny L. Bolden, Jr., shares his inspiration for managing the school in Tallahassee, FL. He wants his students and the community to know that his school is run in the vein of care, hope, and love. He tells his students that if they would have known him in his youth, they would be shocked that he was their principal today. He sees himself in his students and makes it his assignment to give them his care, hope, and love.
  • Kate Kile is a local leader of 'Moms Demand Action (Tallahassee).' June is gun violence awareness month and the group is asking people to raise awareness with #TallyWearsOrange. Their goal is to keep kids and families informed regarding gun safety. For example, Kate says it is important to talk about gun violence with kids and safe storage with friends. She draws inspiration from her faith and it is what moves her to work on this initiative.
  • Mary Marx is President and CEO of The Pace Center for Girls. In this interview she discusses how the current pandemic would affect the girls that the center focuses on helping. She explains the amazing ability the girls have to overcome obstacles. She is inspired by her team and their commitment to the success of their girls.
  • Founder of She Academy, Inc., Shaqualyn Shedrick, visited us in the studio to talk about here work with young women and girls in the community. She…
  • Amber Tynan, Executive Director of United Partners for Human Services, thinks often about hunger and housing in regards to human needs within our…