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Florida State football will sit out another week after the ACC announced its upcoming game against Duke is canceled. The conference says Duke will now play Miami on Saturday, Dec. 5, instead.
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  • In Episode 4: Anxiety With A Capital A, we hear how the pandemic has exacerbated problems for people struggling with mental and/or physical illnesses. For many, quarantines and lockdowns made an already difficult situation far worse.
Elections 2020
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    Ryan Dailey
    On the eve of the Florida legislature’s organizational session, influential Republican Senator Manny Diaz talked about COVID-19 protocols, the 2020 election, and more. He’s also eyeing a key leadership position down the road.
  • Florida politicos are crossing over into Georgia as that state faces a critical runoff in two U.S. Senate races. Those seats could decide the fate of the Senate—and Republicans and Democrats are battling to get their candidates across the finish line. The fight over Georgia, coupled with Florida’s relatively low profile at the moment, is raising a question: is Georgia, the new Florida?
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