Leon County School Disrict

Leon County Schools

Leon County School Superintendent Rocky Hanna said district positions for people currently under contract are secure for now. But those contracts end in June and Hanna says he plans to make some cuts. But, the details are currently unclear.

The Leon County School District is hiring more than 200 new teachers to replace this year’s retirees. WFSU News visited a county-wide job fair Thursday.

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Last year, Leon County Schools District Administrator Rocky Hanna announced that he would resign from his position to run for Superintendent. Yesterday was his last day working for the district.

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Florida schools received 2015 grades Friday. Education officials are calling the results a “new baseline.” 

Ashley Tressel

The Leon County School district has received multiple threats this month. District officials and local law enforcement say they’re taking precaution. 

Leon County Superintendent Jackie Pons says he wants a student resource officer in every school.  The idea is up for consideration in the Florida Legislature.

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Tallahassee City Commissioner Gil Ziffer is moving forward with plans for a community school. The program would house social services and healthcare to better support students and area residents. Ziffer says the next step is involving the community in the planning process.

Rocky Hanna addressing his supporters.
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Former Leon County High School Principal Rocky Hanna announced his campaign Thursday flanked by students, parents and teachers in Tallahassee’s Cascades Park.

Leon County Schools Awaiting an 'OK' for New High School

Jul 29, 2015

The Leon County School District is waiting on approval from the Department of Education to move forward with plan to construct a new high school. 

Jackie Pons speaking with a constituent at a Village Square event in 2013.
Village Square

The Leon County School District is under investigation for how it decided who got construction contracts as far back as 2007.  The FBI and a federal grand jury are handling the inquiry.

Leon County Losing Another Charter School

Apr 15, 2014
Mavericks High Charter School Company

  Ronnie Crum had a tough decision to make earlier this year: where to send his son to school.

“My son was flunking out at Leon [High School].  Really all F’s,” says Crum.

Leon County school district officials are launching a campaign to renew the half-cent sales tax. The money goes for school construction and maintenance and, as Lynn Hatter reports, the district is partnering with the Leon Chamber to justify the expense.