Proof Brewing Company

Five black e-scooters are lined on the sidewalk. The back wheel of each scooter touches the grass and the front wheel faces the road. Teal words spell "VeoRide" on the scooter's stem. Tallahassee buildings are in the distance.
Robbie Gaffney / WFSU-FM

As the first week of Scootergeddon comes to a close, local businesses are reporting a mix of positive benefits and negative impacts.

Tom Flanigan

The newest commercial addition to Tallahassee's South Monroe Street - or "So Mo" corridor - opened for the first time over the weekend. Despite very low key advance notice, hundreds of people at the soft opening of the Proof Brewing Company.

Man holds up a sign during the Monday CRA meeting
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Proof Brewery won’t be getting an extra $450,000 from local government.

light trails traveling down South Monroe
Erich Martin

Some call it SOMO, others--part of the South City Culture Club. Whichever name you choose to use, the block between South Monroe and Adams Street is the new site for some of local Tallahassee’s newest developments.

The Brewing Liberty Caucus at Proof Brewing in Railroad Square.
Nick Evans

This week state lawmakers let their hair down at a Tallahassee watering hole to inaugurate the Brewing Liberty Caucus.  The informal coalition is hoping to make lasting changes this session. 

Proof Brewing Company's vats at the Railroad Square brewery.
Nick Evans

It seems there’s new trouble brewing for Florida’s small but growing craft beer industry.  The Florida Retail Federation is challenging a long-standing exception to the state’s licensing rules that allows a brewery to sell beer in on-site ‘tasting’ or ‘tap’ rooms.  But this isn’t the only attack the state’s rules have drawn.

Beer is bipartisan.  Really, it’s hard to imagine something more people can agree on.  But, unfortunately in Florida, beer is a political issue.

Proof Brewing Company's vats at the Railroad Square brewery.
Nick Evans

Beer distribution interests in Florida have launched a legal attack against a well-established exception to the state’s three-tier system.  The ‘Tourism Exception’ allows brewers licensed for manufacturing beer to sell it directly to the public.