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Capital Report: 11-23-2018

The Florida Legislature convened in Tallahassee before the Thanksgiving holiday for an organizational session. Gina Jordan reports new lawmakers were sworn in, and new leaders were installed.

A new crop of leaders will make their way to Tallahassee in January. The state canvassing board has signed off on the results of a contentious election that has seen Florida’s leadership through another big change.

On election night, Republican-voting strongholds in the Florida Panhandle provided Governor Rick Scott and gubernatorial candidate Ron DeSantis the boost that led to their wins. Ryan Dailey reports a quick look at registered voter numbers in some North Florida counties doesn’t read that way on the surface.

There’s plenty to catch a Floridian’s attention these days. A major storm, an election and then a recount and what’s to come next year. But as Regan McCarthy reports those hit the hardest by Hurricane Michael are hopeful as the rest of the state moves on, the Forgotten Coast won’t be forgotten.

Should there be a mandatory retirement age when it comes to driving?  Some new research suggests that older drivers are statistically among the safest drivers.  But Tom Flanigan tells us that does NOT mean that every senior should have a guaranteed “license for life.”

It’s citrus harvesting season in Florida, where oranges make up the largest part of an 8-billion dollar industry. It's a business that owes much of its success to the military and the frantic effort to feed the troops who fought overseas in World War II. WUSF’s Bobbie O’Brien reports on how that wartime effort led orange juice to become an American breakfast staple.