Starting Sunday, all stores that normally sell alcoholic beverages in the city of Havana will now be allowed to sell alcohol on Sundays, after the Havana Town Council passed an ordinance allowing the sale during afternoon hours.

Several years ago, Havana Town Council members amended the city’s ordinance to allow certain establishments to sell alcohol on Sundays.

“The Town Council amended the ordinance a number of years back that if you’re a bonafide restaurant, you could sell beer and wine on Sundays,” said Town Manager Howard McKinnon.

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Going into Florida’s 2014 legislative session, water issues seemed to take center stage. But, the political will to solve problems with the state’s degrading springs, wetlands and aquifers dried up before session’s end. Now, one Tallahassee scientist is hoping to bridge the political divide with a free market solution.

Gadsden County Sheriffs Office

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Midway’s City Manager has been placed under arrest for violating his parole.

Auburn Ford is also under investigation by both the Florida Department of Law Enforcement and the FBI.