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Program Director for News

Tom Flanigan has been with WFSU News since 2006, with a focus on covering local news personalities, issues and organizations.  He began his broadcast career more than 30 years before that and  covered news for several radio stations in Florida, Texas and his home state of Maryland.  In between, he spent a number of years in corporate communications for a few private firms, time that he calls “invaluable” for giving him a greatly expanded media perspective.  During the relatively rare times he’s not racing to cover various community events and activities, Tom enjoys reading and playing guitar (He was a professional drummer in a previous life and is trying to expand his musical horizons). Follow Tom Flanigan on Twitter: @flanigan_tom.

Tom Flanigan

There is plenty of positive news to report from Tallahassee International Airport.

A woman whose very name has become synonymous with the term “Restorative Justice” calls Tallahassee home. And now her story and cause have gone international with the release of a new movie.

Sometimes, people who are very famous elsewhere barely raise an eyebrow of recognition in their own hometown. That certainly holds true for a Tallahassee musician who is about to be recognized statewide.

A few months ago, five established Tallahassee businesses were picked to receive some-high powered help in moving to the next level. That effort officially got underway Tuesday (1/31) night at DomiStation, which is one of the partners in the program.

Millions of Americans grew up watching Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood on the local Public Television station. But a new generation of kids is now growing up with a direct descendent of that award-winning program.

Tom Flanigan

Many of the Capital City's elected leaders got up early on Saturday (1/28) for a community prayer breakfast at the Donald L. Tucker Civic Center. The gathering's main themes included uniting the community in the face of many uncertainties.

Tom Flanigan

Florida A&M University's Gaither Gym was the scene of ferocious competition on Saturday (1/28). But instead of basketball, the game was a form of volleyball. And the competitors weren't human players, but sophisticated robots built by high school students.

Tom Flanigan

Leon County’s newly elected school superintendent has a lot on his plate as he begins his first term in office. Rocky Hanna laid out his priority list this week to a meeting of the League of Women Voters.

Tom Flanigan

Many people consider Alzheimer's disease an unspeakable tragedy. But, with the incidence of the disease on the rise, an alliance of Alzheimer's patients, advocates and caregivers has launched a campaign to help reduce the terror and stigma associated with the illness.

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Tallahassee rock music fans are doubly mournful today. Two much-loved musicians with Capital City connections are dead.