Florida Immigrant Coalition

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Some college students are pushing Florida lawmakers to allow immigrant students access to state financial aid. 

Thursday Marked The First Black Girls Day At The Capitol

Feb 15, 2018
Davondra Alston

Thursday was the first Black Girls Day at the Florida Capitol. The event highlights policies that affect African American women in Florida.

Rep. Larry Metz (R-Yalaha)
Florida Channel

Legislation banning so called sanctuary policies has passed the Florida House. But it’s unclear whether the Senate will advance the bill in the final week of session.

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Legislation banning sanctuary city policies is moving through Florida House committees. The proposal requires cities fully cooperate with federal immigration officers or face penalties.

Awake The State

While Governor Rick Scott was outlining his priorities in the State of the State address, Awake The State, the progressive advocacy group, was offering a much different take.

Immigration rights advocates say they’re suffering a double blow now that the outgoing Obama Administration has cancelled a so-called “wet-foot, dry-foot,” policy favoring Cubans.

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With the end in sight, different groups are closing out the 2016 lawmaking session in different ways. Immigration activists convened at the state capitol Thursday to "bury" a package of dead bills.

After Mr. Obama's announcement of executive action, the face of immigration could become far more complex.
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More than 100 protesters jammed the Florida Capitol Wednesday to push back against a wave of what they view as anti-immigration legislation.

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Lawmakers and lobbyists are not the only people converging on the Capitol to mark the beginning of Session. For a group of immigration rights activists, the day was not all pomp and circumstance.