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Today's Cultural Notes - Tallahassee Area

Mar 14, 2019

Keep up-to-date on what is happening around our community with WFSQ’s Cultural Notes presented by Dan MacDonald.  

Barry Jenkins via facebook

Due to a historic mix-up at this year’s Oscars, director Barry Jenkins wasn’t able to make the acceptance speech he wanted to. Now that the dust has settled, the FSU Film School grad is making that statement.

MarthaAnn Ackroyd loves the novel "A Land Remembered" and says it's worthwhile to protect Florida's undeveloped land.
Lynn Hatter / WFSU News

Florida’s cattle industry is nearly 500 years old. It’s part of what has made Florida the state it is today. Once a decade ranchers hop on their horses to reenact the long drives that allowed Floridians to export their main commodity: cattle. Lynn Hatter continues her reporting on what that drive, and the reunion rides, mean to the people who attend.

Lynn Hatter / WFSU News

Florida is known for its beaches, and the state and Mickey Mouse are often viewed as one and the same. But before there was Disney World, or South Beach, Florida was known for something else. It’s sprawling farms, citrus groves and ranches. Today, agriculture remains one of the state’s main economic drivers. And once a decade a group of gather to honor the state’s earliest commodity: cattle.

Moonlight Film /

It's been a big year for 'Moonlight' film director Barry Jenkins. His movie about the struggles and revelations of a young black man have garnered praise throughout the film industry. The movie draws on experiences from Jenkins' own life. And while storytelling has always felt natural to him, many of the skills needed to bring his visions to screen were learned at his alma mater, Florida State University.

Florida Memory /

Wednesday marks the centennial of the birth of Stetson Kennedy, a folklorist, historian and social justice activist. He’s a larger than life figure in Florida history that many have never of. /

Jazz great Wynton Marsalis has hailed Jacksonville native and FSU professor Marcus Roberts as "the genius of modern piano". This campaign season the critically acclaimed jazz pianist and composer was struck by the diverse voices and perspectives of the candidates.

Ernest Duffoo/ flickr /

State lawmakers want to put Florida back on the silver screen by rebooting the state’s film incentives program. Some lawmakers are tired of watching films about Florida being shot in other states.

Historical marker for the Native American city of Coosa in Childersburg, Alabama.
Nick Evans

It’s been a yearlong party in northeast Florida as St. Augustine celebrates its 450th anniversary.  The city bills itself as “America’s oldest,” but is it?

Fat Albert in all his glory.
Nick Evans

Over the weekend, thousands gathered along Pensacola beach to see the blue angels.  But before the F-18s perform for the crowd, there’s another member of the team that sets the stage.

Dan MacDonald is your conductor in a journey across the globe into a dream play of William Shakespeare: A Midsummer Night's Dream. A Magic Journey: Into the Underworld of Shakespeare will feature Dr James Amend, an ethnomusicologist trained at Florida State University. Afterward, MacDonald invites The Southern Shakespeare Festival's music director Steven Hodges to discuss the show's modern music approach.

National Park Service /

A new development is springing up on South Magnolia Drive near the Florida Lottery. The proposed site will soon be home to a few new fast food restaurants and other shops. But at least one local group say the development is a lost opportunity in the ongoing quest to learn more about the Spanish explorer, Hernando de Soto.

LHatter / WFSU News

A program started several years ago to spread the love of reading has trickled down South into Thomasville.

In front of busy stores in Thomasville’s historic downtown are miniature houses painted in bright colors and fun patterns—pinks, and green’s blues and reds. They’re called “Little Free Libraries” and they’re situated strategically around the blocks, offering piles of books. Everything from Mitch Alboom, to Danielle Steele—and they’re there for the taking:

Donald DeBevoise / WFSU-News

Florida Gov. Rick Scott and Chief Financial Officer Jeff Atwater rolled up their sleeves and joined a delegation of representatives from more than 100 Miami-Dade County groups to serve a hungry line of lobbyists, politicians and staffers large plates of paella in the midday sun today.

For Almost 50 years, he Believed Himself a Citizen.  He Wasn’t.

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