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'Moonlight' Film Has Florida State University, Miami Roots

Moonlight Film

It's been a big year for 'Moonlight' film director Barry Jenkins. His movie about the struggles and revelations of a young black man have garnered praise throughout the film industry. The movie draws on experiences from Jenkins' own life. And while storytelling has always felt natural to him, many of the skills needed to bring his visions to screen were learned at his alma mater, Florida State University.

FSU recently ran a profile of Jenkins' time at the film school. One of his former teachers, film professor Valliere Richard Auzenne says, "his stories were always heartfelt, From the beginning, he had a gift of creating very special, real characters, which is an art. Even in his early years, his characters were always his strength, always very interesting and complicated characters. Barry wrote three-dimensional characters. They were not cardboard figures.”

FSU film school alums earn awards, acclaim with 'Moonlight' - Florida State University News

And Jenkins spoke in October to Fresh Air's Terry Gross on the making of 'Moonlight' and how the project came together.

“Moonlight” is nominated for six Golden Globe Awards and is expected to earn Academy Award nominations as well. It's already won scores of honors and awards since its October release.