Faster, More Convenient Security on the Way to Tallahassee International

Oct 27, 2016

Flying out of Tallahassee International Airport is getting a bit less complicated, at least as far as security goes.

The advanced threat-detecting heart of Tallahassee International Airport's new baggage screening system.
Credit Tom Flanigan

The facility is upgrading its checked baggage and passenger screening processes. The airport’s Aviation Director Chris Curry admitted the handling of checked baggage has been inconvenient to say the least.

“You would give the bag to the airline ticketing agent. She would weigh it, put a tag on it, give it back to you as the customer, then you would have to transport it to TSA.”

Then, Curry added, passengers would have to wait for the TSA person to take the bag and put it through one of the big x-ray machines nearby. But in perhaps a week, those machines will be on the way out. A network of conveyer belts will whisk bags to a new screening area under the terminal. The TSA’s Sari Koshetz explained this will be a lot faster and safer.

“And it’s the most advanced technology to make sure there are no threats in the checked bags that go on the planes with you every day.”

Still to come at the Capital City’s airport, a revamped people screening area that will also accommodate the TSA’s pre-screened passengers.