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Tallahassee Airport Looks To Remodel For More Business

The airport wants to become an international airport.
Keenan Pepper via Flickr

Tallahassee Airport is doing some international remodeling. The airport will be constructing a customs office and adding a new cargo distribution area, in its push to get more business.

T.J Lewis is the owner of He says people can expect more development around the area.  

“You've already got rental car companies around the airport,” Lewis says. “You can probably expect they will do something as soon as Capital Circle is expanded and the international destination has kick in. It’s not simply just a name change. The airport itself will receive improvements, they're already working on things inside. Of course you’re going to have security enhancements.”

Lewis says the city will have to play catch up after losing its flight dominance in Northwest Florida. He says the city needs to draw more discount carriers and those businesses could allow the airports to keep fares low and draw more passengers.