Capital Report: 01-26-2018

Jan 26, 2018

Florida voters could be asked to reconsider a long-standing ban on public funding to religious organizations. The proposal passed a key education committee of the Florida Constitution Revision Commission Friday. Lynn Hatter explains what the Blaine Amendment is, and its impact on education in the state.

The journey for Florida felons to regain their right to vote recently overcame its largest hurdle, as the grassroots citizen’s initiative received enough signatures to place the issue on the 2018 ballot. This has prompted a similar proposal to be withdrawn in order to avoid confusion at the polls. Andrew Quintana reports.

With a proposed constitutional amendment looming that would require any new gambling to get approval from voters, Florida lawmakers are pushing a number of last minute gambling changes. But Regan McCarthy reports whether those measures get final approval is a question even leaders seem unable to answer.

While it’s so far gone nowhere in the state Senate, a proposal critics are dubbing the “union-busting bill” has passed the Florida House. Sascha Cordner reports.

Today’s (Friday’s) Capital Tiger Bay Club meeting in Tallahassee featured the president of Florida State University.  But as Tom Flanigan reports, his former life as a powerful state lawmaker also makes him an ideal advocate for the university system as a whole.

The state legislature is one major step closer to building a memorial recognizing enslaved Floridians. After facing resistance last year, Kate Payne reports the measure is moving in both chambers.