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Every four years, Democrats and Republicans hold elaborate conventions to celebrate their candidate of choice and stir up party support. But the events this month also offer an uninterrupted view into the country’s partisan divides.

The 2016 Republican National Convention in Cleveland.
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After a bruising primary, the GOP has officially settled on Donald Trump to lead the party into November.  Elected officials from Florida—likely one of the most important swing states come Election Day—were out in force to support the Republican candidate.

Capital Report: 8-31-2012

Aug 31, 2012

The Republican National Convention wrapped things up with Mitt Romney accepting the Party’s nomination for president as planned. But Regan McCarthy reports the convention as a whole went off with more than its fair share of stops, starts, and interruptions.

Sound From The GOP Convention Floor

Aug 29, 2012
Trimmel Gomes WFSU-FM

Florida Republican delegates almost missed the big show Tuesday afternoon. Florida Public Radio/WFSU-FM's Trimmel Gomes interviews Delegate Susie Wiles, from Ponte Vedra, who arrived at the Republican National Convention minutes before the two O’clock roll call vote to nominate Mitt Romney. The Florida group has been forced to stay farther from convention site because state officials broke GOP rules by holding the Florida presidential primary too early.

Trimmel Gomes WFSU-FM

The Florida delegation at the Republican National Convention was almost a no-show to help kick-off the nomination process for presidential candidate Mitt Romney. It's all because the delegation ended up getting stranded at their off-site hotel, the Innisbrook Resort.

Rubio Heckled By Convention Protesters

Aug 28, 2012
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U.S. Senator Marco Rubio, a rising star in the Republican Party, is set to introduce presumptive GOP nominee Mitt Romney later in the week at the Republican National Convention. But Rubio had his own speech against President Obama interrupted several times by hecklers. Rubio was speaking to the Florida delegation during a breakfast at the Innisbrook Resort Tuesday, when protesters interrupted Rubio’s speech by yelling things like “Republicans are beholden to big corporations”.

“Apparently he stumbled into the wrong convention,” Rubio quipped at the interruption.

Isaac Interrupts Convention Schedule in Tampa

Aug 27, 2012

The Republican National Convention in Tampa has been spared the full impact of Tropical Storm Isaac, but its initial potential threat has left convention organizers scrambling to readjust and come up with a new schedule. After minor tweaks, it’s full steam ahead for the Grand Old Party.

“You know I cancelled my activities for today and tomorrow and I done it for Tuesday,” said Florida Governor Rick Scott who had to push his previous plans aside.

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Florida Governor Rick Scott is urging delegates visiting the Tampa area for the Republican National Convention to be very cautious about venturing around as Tropical Storm Isaac approaches.  Scott, at a news conference Sunday,  said officials are already responding to minor power outages in South Florida but a big concern is in the Panhandle because that area is still saturated from Tropical Storm Debby in July.

Ahead of next week’s Republican National Convention, the Party and its presidential front-runner Mitt Romney have made a compromise to allow some delegates who support Texas congressman Ron Paul to have a seat at the nominating table. As Jessica Palombo reports, some Florida Republicans are saying this inclusiveness should be a model for the state Republican Party.

Police in Tampa are ramping up anti-prostitution efforts ahead of next week’s Republican National Convention, which runs Monday through Thursday. An initial sweep of strip clubs led to 16 arrests this past weekend.

Whenever there’s a big event in town, like the Super Bowl, Gasparilla or the upcoming convention, Tampa Assistant Chief of Police John Newman says, prostitutes gravitate to the city. And that raises a big concern for police:

“We want to make sure that we have no juveniles involved in this business, nothing that would indicate human trafficking," he says.