Kids Enjoy Snow Day While Officials Urge Road Caution

Jan 3, 2018

Credit Suzanne Smith / WFSU

For the next several days, road officials suggest that residents take additional precaution on major highways. An excess amount of ice covering the roads has caused patrols to identify driving in these conditions as unsafe.

Elementary schooler, Abigail Janneke says there was a lot of snow on her trampoline when she went outside Wednesday morning and that it was "really, really beautiful."

“So, I got to taste it and it was more like ice,” she says, “my mom and dad were right how it did taste like ice. It was kind of fun because we got to throw snowballs at each other.”

Wednesday’s snow day was full of enjoyment for many area residents, but police officials want to make sure everyone is careful while driving.  The snow may be gone, but the cold persists. Florida Highway Patrol Lieutenant Tom Pikul has a safety warning for people driving during the freezing, early morning hours.

“We’re not out of the clear yet, remember when the temperature is near freezing, the road way may look wet when in fact ice is forming,” he says. “You want to check your tire inflation often. Remember, when the temperature drops so can your tire pressure.”

Local and state law enforcement closed parts of highways 90, and 27 along with Interstate 10 Wednesday because of icy roads.