Capital Report: 06-09-17

Jun 9, 2017

The Florida Legislature drops the hankie and ends its three-day special session after reaching compromise on a number of sticking points.  Lynn Hatter provides the overview.

Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist John Lantigua (lan-TEEG-wah) spent months investigating last summer’s massive toxic algae bloom that fouled beaches along the Treasure Coast and Southwest Florida.  Lantigua’s report for the American Civil Liberties Union raises concerns about the state’s handling of the crisis.  Lantigua talked about it with Florida Public Radio’s Jim Ash.

The Florida Panhandle, like many rural areas across the country, is experiencing a shortage of healthcare providers. Competitive residencies and high-paying specialties draw graduates toward big cities. Kate Payne went on the road to find out what it’s like to stay in those rural areas.

A report from the Federal Reserve Bank of New York says on average, recent college grads are leaving school with more than 30-thousand dollars in debt. And Florida lawmakers worry many of those students haven’t given much thought to how they’ll pay that money back. Regan McCarthy has more.

Governor Rick Scott recently signed a bill into law requiring autism awareness training for Florida’s law enforcement officers. But, as Sascha Cordner reports, some may not see the merits of the new law—that gained traction after a high profile incident last year.