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Tom Flanigan

This weekend was the 54th Annual Market Days at the North Florida Fairground to benefit the Tallahassee Museum. There were tens-of-thousands of eager shoppers checking out the goods from 300 vendors.

Tom Flanigan

For more than 50 years people in North Florida and South Georgia have eagerly awaited the annual Market Days, held in the weeks before the year-end holidays. The two-day event, benefiting the Tallahassee Museum, happens this coming weekend.

Tom Flanigan

What was old is new again. During Saturday's (Nov. 23) Farm Days at the Tallahassee Museum attracted lots of people eager to apply old skills to modern life.

Tom Flanigan

est on Saturday, July 13. The occasion also happened to be the launching point for one band's first international tour.

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The Tallahassee Museum is encouraging visitors to meet its new guest animal. A giant anteater will be making the Museum its home while its Brevard Zoo enclosure is being enlarged.

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Tallahassee's oldest annual music festival happened on Saturday, July 14. The Tallahassee Museum's Swamp Stomp has been happening since 1978.

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Sometimes amazing wonders can lie unseen under our feet. A Tallahassee biologist whose life work is bringing those wonders out into the open now has a new exhibit of these remarkable revelations at the Tallahassee Museum.

Tallahassee Museum

Many families enjoy ham during the holidays. The Tallahassee Museum has its own variation on that theme in the form of its latest guest animals.

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A dress once worn by a very historic Tallahasseean has been restored to very near its original glory.

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Seniors from Tallahassee’s Godby High School are helping the live versions of their school’s cougar mascot.

Tom Flanigan

The yearly Market Days event to benefit the Tallahassee Museum always attracts a lot of people. But this weekend's Market Days at the North Florida Fairgrounds had overflow crowds.

Volunteer Florida

Volunteer Florida is awarding 22 organizations across the state some significant matching funds to increase their volunteer base.

Tom Flanigan

Tallahassee's oldest outdoor music festival happened on Saturday (7/9). Longtime Capital City music man Del Suggs got the Tallahassee Museum's party started.

RIP Perky The Lucky Duck

May 13, 2016
Tallahassee Museum

The Tallahassee Museum is mourning the loss a famous resident: Perky the Lucky Duck.

A Golden Year for Market Days

Dec 7, 2015
Pattie Haney

This weekend (12/5-6) marked the golden anniversary of Market Days, which benefits the Tallahassee Museum.

Deaton stands next to an Identity Project poster
Matthew Stolpe / WFSU News

The Tallahassee Museum opened a new exhibit called “The Identity Project” last weekend. The attraction is a more introspective experience than the museum’s outdoor fare.

Crowded Florida Panthers May Find New Home In Central Florida

Oct 19, 2012
Florida Department of State

Just a few years ago panthers in South Florida were hard to find. But now, after state intervention, they’re numbers are up and the big cats are getting cramped. Increased inbreeding, territorial fighting, and human encroachment are prompting Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission talks about transferring a few female panthers from South to Central Florida.

Halloween Howl Seeks Volunteers for Its 18th Year

Oct 12, 2012
Tallahassee Museum

Halloween Howl at the Tallahassee Museum is gearing up for its 18th year and is seeking volunteers. On the nights of October 26th and 27th the Tallahassee Museum will be taken over by the spirit of Halloween. The Haunted Trail is making a return visit for those who want a scare along with carnival games and trick-or-treating throughout the park. But they’ve also got something new in store.

Tallahassee Sees Increase in Bear Sightings

Jun 14, 2012

Florida Black Bears are making their presence known in Tallahassee. Younger bears are finding themselves entering human environments more often, as they search for their own territory.

Ever since the state outlawed bear hunting in 1994, their numbers have soared. Animal Curator at the Tallahassee Museum, Mike Jones, warns that the bears being seen are younger and may be more daring and unafraid of people.