Capital Report: 03-21-2014

Mar 21, 2014

A planned expansion of the state’s school voucher program has gone spinning off the tracks to the great disappointment of the program’s backers, which included the legislative leadership . Lynn Hatter reports what was once billed as a top priority of those leaders now appears to be going nowhere.

Committees in the Florida House Senate both passed bills this week giving children of undocumented immigrants in-state college tuition. As Jessica Palombo reports, it’s been a decade since Democrats started pushing the measure, which the House approved on a two-thirds vote. 

Wildlife Resources Division of the Georgia Department of Natural Resources (GADNR)

Getting younger kids interested in Georgia’s hunting scene is a goal of the state’s officials. They’re now trying to get youth involved in Georgia’s ongoing squirrel hunting season as well as create a first-of-its-kind turkey season just for kids.

For parents and caregivers looking to get kids involved in artistic activities this summer, the local Council on Culture and Arts, COCA, has an online guide. The COCA for Kids guide highlights arts-themed camps, birthday party ideas and more.

The guide lists Leon County arts activities for children of all ages. Amanda Karioth Thompson, COCA’s education director, said, it lists everything from individual lessons to day camps. And for parents using the search function, it’s easy to narrow down the listings.