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Despite this weekend’s severe weather, more than 130 newly planted trees stayed safe at Lafayette Park.

Consolidated Dispatch Agency
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The Consolidated Dispatch Agency is agreeing to pay $950,000 to the estate of a slain sheriff’s officer. The family of Deputy Chris Smith sued the CDA and local governments after he was ambushed and killed in the line of duty in 2014.

Myers Park
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The City of Tallahassee is considering rezoning a part of the Myers Park neighborhood to allow for new housing. But some residents are worried how the plan could affect the historic district.

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A fifty year old case into the unsolved murder of a Tallahassee family is garnering new interest, thanks to a team of documentary filmmakers. On October 22, 1966 three members of the Sims family were murdered in their home on Muriel Court in Tallahassee. Local historians say the case changed the city: guns sold out of pawn shops, and residents began locking their doors.

Tallahassee Goes Pink

Oct 5, 2016

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and Tallahassee is going pink.

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A Tallahassee sexual assault support organization is taking a new approach to crisis response.

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Due to storm damage and power outages, some Tallahassee residents are staying in local hotels. Even as football fans flock to the city for the first home game of the season, hotel owners say there’s plenty of room.

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Free Wi-Fi is now available at one of Tallahassee’s popular areas. Officials are calling it the city’s first Smart Park, and they're inviting the public to an event Friday that allows them to play the popular app game Pokemon Go.

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Steve Meisburg wore many hats: city commissioner, mayor, pastor, activist and musician. For Tallahassee musician Del Suggs, some of his best memories with Meisburg are performing with him on stage.

New Concept Proposals For Debbie Lightsey Park

Jun 17, 2016
Blueprint Intergovernmental Agency

A conceptual design for the proposed Debbie Lightsey Nature Park is now under review by the Blueprint 2000 Intergovernmental Agency.

Tallahassee’s troubled 911 call center is preparing for a long-awaited software update that could keep first responders safer.

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In January 2016, a Texas developer bought Tallahassee’s Market Square shopping complex. Now the new management is spurring some business owners to leave.

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City of Tallahassee officials are scheduled to discuss an ongoing whistleblower case Wednesday.

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Tallahassee Commissioners are expected to get a first look at the city’s new open government website next week. Budget Officer Robert Wigen talked about plans for the site during a March commission meeting.
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As of this week, Leon County’s Consolidated Dispatch Agency is fully staffed. That’s just one of the changes Dee Crumpler has made in his six months as the troubled agency’s interim director.

Tallahassee police car
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The city is considering a $325,000 settlement resulting from a use-of-force case that left a young man dead.

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Tallahassee could be the site of a new community improvement project. 

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Deputy City Manager Reese Goad says the City will start construction on a 100 acre, 20 megawatt solar farm by the airport this summer. 

Deputy City Manager Reese Goad says starting Friday, utility customers will pay less for power, thanks to lower fuel prices.

Tallahassee residents could soon have more travel options into and out of the city. 

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Tallahassee residents can learn about green communities at the Sustainable YOU Conference this week. 

noise ordinance sign
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The City Commission discussed a possible noise ordinance Wednesday. And while most commissioners agree it’s a good idea, some are questioning whether a blanket rule is the best choice for the city.

City Celebrates Smokey Hollow Commemoration

Sep 25, 2015

The City is celebrating the completion of the Smokey Hollow Commemoration. The historic African American community once filled about half of what is now Cascades Park.

City Offers Sneak Peak Of FAMU Way Extension

Sep 16, 2015

The City of Tallahassee is preparing to re-open part of FAMU Way. Upon completion, the 1 mile roadway will run east to west, connecting South Monroe Street to Lake Bradford Road.

Cement Hasn't Dried On Tallahassee Sidewalk Fights

Aug 26, 2015
construction sign
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Building a sidewalk in the capital city is more complicated than laying some cement on the side of the road.  A sales tax extension has been approved to fund projects starting in 2020, but what about the growing demand for projects piling up before then?