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Capital Report: 1-31-2020

When a child is born, the first months spent with parents can be crucial for development. Ryan Dailey reports a bill in Florida’s House and Senate looks to give parents with a newborn paid time off from work – but not everyone is sold on it.

Programs to help people with psychosis could receive more funding under a new proposal moving through the legislature. Robbie Gaffney has more.

Florida lawmakers appear to be done with bonus programs. The House and Senate have unveiled their proposed spending plans for the upcoming fiscal year, and Lynn Hatter reports neither proposal includes funding for teacher and principal bonuses.

Available and affordable housing remains hard to find for many North Florida communities more than a year after Hurricane Michael.  But Tom Flanigan reports the Florida Housing Finance Corporation is trying to help.

Over 97 percent of criminal cases in the U.S. are resolved through plea deals. But sometimes those offers are better for defendants who have more money. Lawmakers say that’s not fair. Blaise Gainey has the details.

Within the next decade, 25 percent of Floridians will be over 60, and so will most new residents relocating to the state. As Florida grays, it has placed greater demands on healthcare and related services. State funding has fallen behind. Now, as Steve Bousquet reports, Broward County thinks it has an idea to address the coming “Silver Tsunami” but it needs the legislature to help.