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Capital Report: 04-24-2019

A divided Florida House has approved a bill that bans sanctuary cities for immigrants. Casey Chapter reports it was met with heated debate from Democrats.

Former Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum is settling his dispute with the Florida Ethics Commission. WFSU’s Shawn Mulcahy reports Gillum’s trial was scheduled to begin today [Wednesday] before an administrative law judge.

The Senate punted on voting on its big school choice bill Tuesday, as amendments to the measure continue to pour in. But, as Ryan Dailey reports, the chamber did make a significant change to its K-12 education budget, moving closer to the House.

Tourism is Florida’s largest industry yet the agency that markets the state could soon be going away. As lawmakers hammer out details of a roughly 90-billion dollar spending plan, Visit Florida could find itself left out. Lynn Hatter has more.

Lawmakers want to make sure people have no qualms about calling for help when someone is suffering from a drug or alcohol overdose. Regan McCarthy reports a bill expanding immunity for people who call 9-1-1 is heading to the governor’s desk.

After the longest toxic algae bloom in state history, state lawmakers are trying to find ways to mitigate the impact of future ones. But as Kevin Del Orbe reports, some environmentalists say a proposed funding bill only solves part of the problem.

Finally tonight, After a 16-year battle, a bill to Florida’s firefighters cancer benefits is heading to the Governor’s desk. Gabrielle Bolden has more.