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Capital Report: 03-04-2015

With a potential billion-dollar budget hole looming, the Florida Senate is starting to consider whether and how to accept federal funds to expand Medicaid. Lynn Hatter reports there are at least two proposed bills floating around the chamber, and lawmakers are also raising the possibility of resurrecting the original plan, dubbed “Negron-Care”.

The U-S Supreme Court will hear a case involving "tax credits" people got when they signed up for insurance on Health Care dot gov under the federal health law.  The question is whether the people who live in the 37 states that did NOT create their own "health insurance" marketplace should get financial help on their monthly premiums under Obamacare. How could the decision by the court in "King versus Burwell" affect the more than one million Floridians who got tax credits when they bought a plan on Health Care dot gov? For that answer, Health News Florida Editor Mary Shedden went to health law expert Timothy Jost (JOAST rhymes with "toast") of Washington and Lee University in Virginia...

That was Washington and Lee University Professor Timoth Jost (JOAST rhymes with "toast") speaking with Health News Florida Editor Mary Shedden.  

A coalition of voting rights groups and the Florida Legislature squared off Wednesday over the state’s congressional borders.  Nick Evans reports, lawmakers are defending the changes they made in last summer’s special session before the state Supreme Court.

A comprehensive prison reform package cleared another Senate committee Wednesday. But, as Sascha Cordner reports, at the bill’s next stop, the measure may look a little different due to some bipartisan concerns with the omnibus bill.

Before family intervention and rehab, there’s usually a first step to saving the life of an opiate addict -- a shot of Narcan. As Jim Ash reports, two Republicans, Representative Julio Gonzalez of Venice and Senator Greg Evers of Baker, thin overdose reversing drugs shouldn’t be limited to the emergency room.

Advocates for women rights were rallying at the state Capitol today in response to three abortion bills now making their way through the lawmaking process.  Keta Browning Reports politicians may be seeing a lot of these ladies in the coming months.

Florida is among just a handful of states that continues to allow greyhound racing – the issue has come under scrutiny lately with lawmakers proposing greater oversight But Regan McCarthy reports some argue the state’s animal racing industry as a whole needs a closer look.