Visit Tallahassee Launches New Promotion

May 9, 2019

Tallahassee's residents are being recruited as the city's most effective tourism promoters. Visit Tallahassee, the area's tourism marketing arm, is now giving them some incentives.

A visit to Maclay Gardens State Park is one of the "bucket list" items in the Seasoned Local campaign.
Credit Visit Tallahassee

Visit Tallahassee Executive Director Kerri Post said the "Seasoned Local" promotion encourages residents to get their visiting friends and relatives out to see the sights and provide some on-line proof.

"They snap a picture and then post it to their social media accounts and tag it: #ihearttally. And then if they get 5 items on the (bucket) list, they're eligible to win a prize."

Post said incentives range from modest giveaways to a valuable top prize.

"There are 26 items on the bucket list for summer. There are 25 and then you get a bonus one that gives you an extra prize and that is for a staycation this summer." Another Seasoned Local promotion will take place in the fall.