Capital Report: 09-14-2018

Sep 17, 2018

Governor Rick Scott’s decision to start the process of appointing new Florida Supreme Court justices has ignited a looming constitutional crisis. Lynn Hatter reports at the center of the issue is who—the outgoing or incoming governor—has the authority to make those appointments.

The City of Miami Beach is in a battle with the state that could impact hundreds of Florida municipalities.   Gina Jordan tells us it’s about ‘home rule’ – and the city’s ability to set its own policy when it comes to wages.

The legality of medical marijuana is still largely a gray area in the eyes of the federal government. Shawn Mulcahy reports the confusion impacting banks, dispensaries and policy is leading some, like democratic Agriculture Commissioner candidate Nikki Fried, to call for reform.

As Gov. Rick Scott’s Cabinet met for its last clemency board meeting before the state’s general election, the conversation surrounding felon voting rights is ramping up. Ryan Dailey reports one amendment on the ballot could put a new restoration system in place.

In a discussion with Tom Flanigan, Ryan Dailey expands on the debate over Amendment Four and the growing national support for the proposal to automatically restore the majority of felons’ voting rights in Florida.

September 10th marked the 20th annual Florida Missing Children’s Day. As Sascha Cordner reports, it was not only a time to remember those still missing and those forever gone, the day also honors the state’s efforts.