Capital Report: 02-28-2014

Mar 3, 2014

Over the next few weeks, Florida lawmakers are slated to take up a series of gun-related measures, from fixes to Florida’s Stand Your Ground law TO enhancing penalties for insurers who discriminate against gun-owners. We have two reports on how these deliberations may play out.  First, Sascha Cordner reports while some bills appear to be moving quickly through the Legislature, others appear to be stalled in the legislative process.

Our second report on pending firearm legislation comes to us from Rayma Thompson from member station WJCT in Jacksonville.  You may recall that was the city whose “warning shot” case sparked a proposed change to Florida’s gun statutes.

Florida has stayed on the sidelines for more than a year as other states have taken the federal government up on its offer to provide more money as more people are added to the Medicaid rolls.  Last year, the state house and senate flirted with the idea of accepting the money, but ultimately failed to reach an agreement that would have made that possible.  Still, the conversation continued, even after lawmakers went home.  Now, as Lynn Hatter tells us, recent remarks by house and senate leaders are renewing hopes that a deal to extend health coverage to more people may come out of this year’s lawmaking session.

This year’s Legislature will discuss cyber bullying, revenge porn and social media passwords and creating a new technology agency. Regan McCarthy reports the bills are part of a raft of legislation aimed at aligning Florida law with recent advances in technology.

There are many places in Florida where you’re miles away from fresh fruits and vegetables, but fatty, salty snack foods are literally on every corner.  From member station WUSF in Tampa, Laudee Watts reports the matter of created oasis areas in these food deserts may get serious legislative consideration this year.