Capital Report: 02-09-2018

Feb 9, 2018

The Florida House and Senate have both passed their versions of next year’s budget. Both proposals spend about 87-billion dollars. But Regan McCarthy reports the two plans remain for apart when it comes to how much of that money is put toward issues like healthcare and education.

House Bill 7055 has been a lightning rod for controversy. The measure is known for a move to offer bullied students scholarships for private or charter schools. But, tucked away in the bill’s 200 pages, one provision threatens teachers’ unions with decertification. Andrew Quintana reports.

Remember those billboards on the highway imploring drivers to ‘choose life’? Florida lawmakers want to fund them with taxpayer dollars. A bill that would cement contracts with pro-life pregnancy centers is heading to the Governor’s desk. Kate Payne reports.

Supporters and opponents of offshore drilling have one thing in common: neither believe Florida is off the table in the federal government’s proposed 5-year offshore leasing plan. Florida Public Radio’s Lynn Hatter was at the first and only public Florida forum Thursday.