Sherneka Streater

Sherneka Streater is a senior broadcast journalism student at Florida A&M University. She's heavily involved in student media and currently holds a position as the music director and assistant program director for WANM 90.5 the Flava Station. She's also an anchor on the FAMU TV 20 newscast which broadcast to over 80,000 homes in Tallahassee and South Georgia. Streater is an active member in the National Association of Black Journalists and the FAMU honor’s program. She enjoys creating meaningful stories that will have an  impacton her local community and upon graduation, she hopes to work in television.

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Kindergarten is a critical time for children transitioning from home to school life. During this time, students learn fundamentals that help them become successful in grades ahead. But that can't happen if kids don't go to school and educators say excessive absences are a problem that impacts both students and schools.  

The Leon County Division of Tourism has announced the addition of two musical acts coming to the Capital City Amphitheatre in February of 2020.

Legendary rock star, Dennis DeYoung and classic R&B group, Boyz II Men will be taking over the amphitheater’s stages with some of their greatest hits.

Earlier this year, the DeVoe Moore center at Florida State University did a study on the Capital Center Amphitheater that concluded that the theater at Cascade’s Park was losing money, instead of generating revenue.

The side of  a town house is almost so damaged you can see through it. Behind the structure is a beautiful blue sky.
Erich Martin

Just a year after Category 5 Hurricane Michael swept through Florida’s panhandle, the residents in the area are still feeling the aftermath.

Michael wiped through the city of Mexico Beach, ruining homes and businesses in its path. Florida Public Radio Emergency Network Meteorologist, Jeff Huffman, described the hurricane as one of the most historic storms the Panhandle has seen.

Last year, after receiving a failing school rating, Pineview elementary was on the verge of losing everything. However, with new leadership and new goals, it has made a turn around.

Pineview Elementary is classified as a title one school, meaning it serves mostly low-income students. It sits near the corner of Lake Bradford road.

Mills says the students encountered problems far beyond academics. She says the students were exposed to social issues that also played a role in their school grade.

A white powder on a piece of silver foil
Federal Drug Enforcement Agency / DEA

As Florida continues battling an opioid abuse crisis, another, largely forgotten drug has ramped up in North Florida—meth. Its low cost and relative ease of access, is making it harder for local law enforcement agencies to control.