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Boyz II Men And Dennis DeYoung Set To Come To Tallahassee But Concerts May Still Operate At A Loss

Cascades Park

The Leon County Division of Tourism has announced the addition of two musical acts coming to the Capital City Amphitheatre in February of 2020.

Legendary rock star, Dennis DeYoung and classic R&B group, Boyz II Men will be taking over the amphitheater’s stages with some of their greatest hits.

Earlier this year, the DeVoe Moore center at Florida State University did a study on the Capital Center Amphitheater that concluded that the theater at Cascade’s Park was losing money, instead of generating revenue.

“I think the county probably underestimated how hard it was to run one of these venues,” said Samuel Staley, director of The DeVoe Moore Center.

Staley explained that the theater loses money because it is subsidized at $140,000 but its operating cost is almost $340,000. With expenses as costly as these, it is hard for the theater to make money.

“Just because you’re bringing a large name act doesn’t mean you’re gone make money on it,” Staley states.

Since its debut concert in 2014, the Capital Center Amphitheater lost money from each show. According to Leon County Public records, in 2014, the amphitheater lost about 175,000 dollars in proceeds due to its high operating cost. However, those loses are slowing. As of 2018, the amount loss in revenue had decreased to 23,000 dollars.

“People have to come; they have to spend money to cover the cost. [And] hiring popular acts are more expensive to bring in.”

However, Kerri Post, Executive Director of the Leon County Division of Tourism, said in a written statement that the amphitheater’s concerts create a significant economic impact through the increased economic activity that they generate throughout the community.

She also noted that the Capital City Amphitheater was not built with the intention to be a moneymaker, but rather an investment in the community.  

Dennis DeYoung, the founding member of STYK, will be rocking out the Capital City Amphitheatre stage on Thursday Feb. 20. Saturday, Feb. 29, Boyz II Men will be gracing the stage with many of their timeless hits.