Water pollution

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New research shows pollution in the Gulf of Mexico is coming from a source close to home: our closets. A team of scientists say plastic microfibers in polyester, nylon and acrylics are washing out of household fabrics and into the ocean.

St. Johns River
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Florida plans to go statewide with a water-quality program that lets polluters partially off the hook if they buy credits for extra cleanup others have already done. The credit-selling program has critics in Jacksonville, the city where it started.

A few years back, the polluted St. Johns River became the test case for the voluntary water-quality credit program. The theory, state regulators say, was to foster regional cooperation by adding an economic incentive for water cleanup.

Florida State Parks

Tomorrow the Florida Department of Environmental Protection holds the first of six meetings to gather public input on proposed surface-water cleanup plans. At least one group plans to use the meetings to complain the state isn’t tough enough on polluters.

The environmental department will take feedback on plans for monitoring water quality and restoring impaired waters. DEP Environmental Assessment and Restoration Director Tom Frick says this is the first year the state has the ability to prioritize water cleanup based partly on input from people who are affected locally.

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Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi and 20 other state AGs are asking a federal appeals judge to throw out a ruling letting the federal government enforce clean water standards in the Chesapeake Bay area. The president of a Maryland-based environmental group says he’s outraged the unaffected states have gotten involved.  

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The same day Governor Rick Scott announced he’d be asking for $130 million in Everglades restoration funding for the coming year, members of more than 100 environmental groups held rallies in 16 Florida cities to raise awareness of Florida’s water issues. Tallahassee’s conservationists are demanding Scott do more than just “throw money” at the problem.

Sugar Farmers Attack Everglades Water-Pollution Report

Feb 21, 2013

South Florida sugar farmers are attacking an Everglades water-pollution report being circulated among lawmakers as flawed and misleading. They’re saying the report under-represents the amount they’ve spent on cleaning up polluted water.

The sugar farmers are complaining the report, paid for by the Everglades Foundation, relies on incomplete information. They says it greatly inflates the amount of money the public sector has spent on removing pollutants from water, which makes the $200 million they’ve spent on the cleanup effort look smaller in comparison.

EPA Adopts Water Pollution Rules for Florida

Dec 1, 2012

Environmental groups in Florida are praising a move by the federal government to impose tough water pollution standards in the state. But the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency later tempered that excitement by also adopting rules that have long been criticized by the groups.

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Fla. DEP

Florida environmental regulators want to set a standard for the maximum amount of mercury allowed in the state’s fish. Mercury contamination is a global problem, and officials with the state Department of Environmental Protection are holding public meetings to show that Florida needs to do its part to curb it.

The deadline for the federal Environmental Protection Agency to propose new water pollution rules for Florida rivers and streams is fast approaching. As Sascha Cordner reports, that’s after a federal judge rejected the agency’s proposal months ago and told them to come up with new water quality standards.

A federal judge has ruled that specific limits on sewage and fertilizer contamination in state waters must go into effect in three weeks. As Sascha Cordner Reports, even though the judge invalidated the federal requirements in some water bodies, both sides in the ongoing battle over Florida’s water pollution standards are declaring some kind of victory…

David Guest is an attorney with Earthjustice, an environmental group that filed a Clean Water Act federal lawsuit a few years ago on behalf of other environmental groups seeking limits on the pollutants in Florida’s water bodies.