Governor RIck Scott

Governor Rick Scott is shrugging off new poll numbers from the Democratic-leaning Public Policy Polling group that show him training well behind potential Democratic Challengers.

The data analysis group Economic Modeling Specialists International has released a study on the economic impact of Florida’s 28 state colleges. That survey seems to reinforce what many leaders have said all along- a college degree is always a good investment for everyone.

“It is true that I began my higher education right in Marianna Florida at Chipola, then it was Chipola Junior College, it is now Chipola College, before continuing on to FSU.”

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Protesters descended on the Capitol Thursday, some of them dressed as characters from the film “The Wizard of Oz”, to demand the expansion of Medicaid.  The group visited legislative leaders’ offices to ask for the expansion.

State Of The State Reaction From The House Floor

Mar 5, 2013
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While there were only two “official” responses to Governor Scott’s State of the State Address, there was no shortage of opinion, discussion, or reaction on the House floor, from Medicaid to the future of the state.  Legislators like Representative Alan Williams, a Democrat from Tallahassee, says while he agrees with the Governor’s teacher pay raise, he wanted to hear about some other people’s pay raises.

The legislature has kicked off its annual lawmaking session and Medicaid is shaping up to be a big battle. Florida would see billions of dollars flow into the state over the next three years if it extends Medicaid coverage to about a million low-income people under the federal health law. But with the House standing opposed, the Governor in favor and the Senate still debating—the legislature starts session at an impasse.

Gov. Rick Scott won office on the slogan "Let's get to work" and is now proclaiming "It's working."

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A temporary ban on a Florida law requiring the drug testing of welfare recipients has been upheld by a federal appeals court. But, while the group that filed the lawsuit is declaring victory, it also says it’s disappointed in Governor Rick Scott who plans to fight the ruling.

Governor Rick Scott’s support of the Medicaid expansion under the federal health care overhaul law may not have endeared him to Republicans. The decision comes as a surprise since Scott has been a vocal critic of the Affordable Care Act championed by the President.  But, the Republican Governor’s recent reversal may have some Florida Democrats singing his praises.

Governor Rick Scott says he had no choice but to support the Medicaid expansion.

Governor Rick Scott says the state will expand access to Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act to more low-income Floridians. The announcement marks a dramatic shift in a Governor who was once one of the leading opponents to the federal healthcare law.

Researchers Look For Citrus Greening Cure In Orlando

Feb 8, 2013

A disease called citrus greening is poisoning the citrus groves of Florida. It was first discovered in 2005 and to date there’s no cure. But finding a cure prompted an international citrus research conference in Orlando.

There’s short term and long term fixes. The more permanent answers like growing citrus trees resistant to the disease are a few years out. But Chief Operations Officer for the Citrus Research and Development Foundation Dr. Harold Browning says there are some promising short term bandages.

Gov. Rick Scott is calling for a $1.2 billion increase in the K-12 education budget, but the proposal is being met with skepticism from Democrats and legislative leaders.

Scott made his remarks before a room full of reporters Wednesday, ahead of his planned budget proposal rollout. The governor wants to boost the state’s K-12 education spending by about $400 per student. Included in the billion dollar proposed increase is the $480 million Scott  previously announced he wants to fund $2500 dollar pay raises for full-time Florida teachers.

Governor Rick Scott is leading his eighth trade mission abroad, and this time, he’s making another trip to South America. Scott’s last trade mission was in Colombia late last year. Now, he’s planning a four-day trade mission to Chile.

And, Manny Mencia of Enterprise Florida says expanding their business relationship with Chile, one of Florida’s top trading partners, is the goal of the trip.

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Full-time Florida public school teachers could see their incomes rise later this year if Governor Rick Scott gets his way. The Governor is proposing a $2500 pay raise, but it has to make it through the legislature first.

“There was some buzz about it, some teachers talking about it discussing it, of course it was positive feedback," said Farrah Donaldson, an English and History teacher at Wakulla High School.

Full-time Florida public school teachers could see their incomes rise later this year if Governor Rick Scott gets his way. The Governor is proposing a $2,500 dollar pay raise, but it has to make it through the legislature first.

Governor Scott’s across-the-board teacher pay raise would cost the state about $480 million. Scott, who strongly supported a bill passed two years ago tying teacher pay raises to student performance, says he still believes in merit pay, but also thinks the right thing to do now is give teachers a salary boost:

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Members of the Florida Legislative Black Caucus met with Gov. Rick Scott on Tuesday to make requests for legislation and support. But the lawmakers made little headway, receiving either refusals or maybes from the governor.

Sen. Arthenia Joyner (D-Tampa) said, members of the caucus want more evidence the governor is listening to their concerns. She said, the communication over the past year has been lacking.

Governor Rick Scott’s been in office for more than two years now, and in that time his ratings haven’t budged much. In fact, they’re just about as low as they were when he started. According to a new poll, a majority of voters want to see a new person in the Governor’s mansion in 2014.

Only 36 percent of Floridians approve of the job Governor Rick Scott is doing. And more than half of registered Republican voters say they’d prefer another candidate in 2014. That’s according to the latest Quinnipiac Institute poll.  Director Peter Brown says people just don’t like Scott:

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (AP) - Gov. Rick Scott appointed his top lawyer to head the Florida agency that oversees unemployment compensation and economic development.
Scott on Thursday named Jesse Panuccio, the governor's general counsel, to the post following the sudden resignation of Hunting Deutsch amid questions about jobless benefits he had received before he was hired about eight months ago.
Scott also appointed outgoing State Attorney Peter Antonacci of West Palm Beach to replace Panuccio as his general counsel.

The state university system wants a $118 million  increase in state funding for Florida’s public universities. The schools say they’re willing to forgo another tuition increase if lawmakers appropriate the money.

Governor Rick Scott has started unrolling his 2013 legislative priorities for education.

Scott says he wants to focus on getting kids ready for college and careers. He’s calling for money for teacher training, more money for the overall education budget, and greater access to charter schools.

“In the vein of creating more options, lets allow our school districts to do their own charters so that we have more options for our parents and our students," Scott told reporters after Tuesday's Cabinet meeting.

Bill Nye, widely known for hosting the children’s science TV show “Bill Nye the Science Guy,” will be in Florida for two days.  He’ll be in the swing state on behalf of President Barack Obama, and one of his stops will include a talk about the importance of STEM degrees, which is also one of Governor Rick Scott’s priorities.

Seven Florida businesses including many in Central and South Florida, have been recognized for their work in employing people with disabilities. Governor Rick Scott presented the awards as part of Disability Employment Awareness Month. The Governor has made jobs his priority and says everyone who wants to work should be able to do so.

“This was a wonderful event. You think of everybody we know. Everyone wants a job. And it’s nice to recognize these companies that are helping individuals with disabilities get a job, keep a job [and] helping them with their training,” he said.

Governor Rick Scott says there should be high education standards for everyone. But  he remains mum on whether education officials should stick with plan that sets education goals based on race and ethnicity.

On Tuesday, Governor  Scott sent out a statement seeming to suggest he disagreed with state education officials over a five-year plan that outlines different learning expectations for for students. 

Gov. Scott Enters Fray Over Race-Based Ed Goals

Oct 16, 2012

The Florida Board of Education’s five-year plan sets academic goals for students based on race and ethnicity. The move has drawn criticism from education stakeholders across the state and the country. Now Governor Rick Scott has entered the fray by suggesting that the board change its plan.

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An effort by Governor Rick Scott’s administration, to block Lieutenant Governor Jennifer Carroll from getting involved in a criminal case dealing with her former aide, may have failed Thursday. A Leon County Circuit Judge told lawyers on the other side if they can prove why they need to question Carroll, he will reject Scott’s lawyers request to protect Carroll testifying in the case.

By 2015 almost all of the nation’s public school students will be learning the same things when it comes to math and language arts. And they, along with their teachers, will face a learning curve. Teachers will have to be trained on how to teach the new standards, called the Common Core.  And Governor Rick Scott says he wants lawmakers to put $2 million dollars into a matching grant program to fund the training programs.