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It’s About Florida: Aftermath of Orlando

Jun 17, 2016

Terrorism came to Florida this week in the form of a massacre at an Orlando area gay nightclub. At least 49 people are dead, some are still fighting for their lives in hospitals. More than 50 others were wounded, and we’ll hear some of their stories this evening. We’ll also hear about some of the reaction to the shooting. That conversation ahead on It’s About Florida.

Host: Lynn Hatter

Guest: WMFE Reporter Brendan Byrne

The Florida Education Association has spearheaded a years-long fight against the state’s corporate tax scholarship program. The system lets businesses earn a tax credit in exchange for donating money to send low and middle income kids to private schools. The teacher’s union argues that is an unconstitutional diversion of would-be public dollars to private entities. Last year, a judge tossed out the suit—ruling the union didn’t have standing. But recently, the union was back in court. A judge is now deliberating on whether the union’s lawsuit can go forward.

It’s About Florida: Zika Virus

Apr 22, 2016

The mosquito-born Zika virus has been in the news lately. Scientists now say there’s a definitive link between the virus and birth defects in children. South America has become the epicenter of the outbreak,

Florida’s 2016 legislative session has come to a close. Lawmakers adjourned Sine Die last week after passing an $82-billion budget. Last year the House left the session early and lawmakers were forced to return to Tallahassee for a special session to complete the budget. In contrast, many would say this year’s session went off without a hitch—though probably not the governor. While House and Senate leaders saw some of their priorities pass early in the session, many of Florida Gov. Rick Scott’s priorities, including $250-million in economic incentives, didn’t pass the legislature.

It’s About Florida: 2016 Legislative Session

Jan 22, 2016

The Florida legislature is officially back in Tallahassee though for many watchers, it’s as if they never left. Last year the annual legislative session imploded due to a fight over whether to expand Medicaid under the affordable care act. That hurt relationships between the House and Senate as they returned to hammer out a state budget, and had to do two special sessions to redraw Senate and Congressional district maps. Now House Speaker Steve Crisafulli and Senate President Andy Gardiner are working to make peace and pass policy.