Tallahassee Native, FSU Student Wins Prestigious Truman Scholarship

Apr 16, 2015

Army veteran and FSU junior Daniel Hubbard is Florida's only Truman Scholar for 2015.
Credit Florida State University / Office of Communications

Florida State University Junior Daniel Hubbard is the state’s only Truman Scholar this year. The Truman Scholarship goes to college students with an interest in public service.

Daniel Hubbard moved to Tallahassee when he was in the 6th grade, and attended Cobb Middle School and then Leon High. He went to Tallahassee Community College for a while, but decided he needed structure—and joined the army with the goal of becoming a medic:

“I didn’t want to shoot or anything like that. I wanted to help people and I thought that was good entry-level position for someone without a college degree to get experience with that," he says.

Hubbard is a junior at Florida State. He plans to go to graduate school and do further research on suicide, an issue he's painfully familiar with. 

“My uncle died in 5th grade, he committed suicide. And when I was on deployment, a close friend committed suicide the first week—she was back here in the states. So both those situations heavily impacted me."

He says the issue has weighed on him for years.

" Throughout the years I’ve always thought about suicide and how devastating it is. It was devastating for my family and it was devastating for my friends.”

As a Truman Scholar Hubbard receives $30,000 to help pay for graduate school. He was selected as one of 58 Truman Scholars out of nearly 700 applicants.