Frank Talk On Race, Equality at Tallahassee Event

Jan 12, 2017

An evening about the nation’s racial divide attracted 600 hundred people in Tallahassee Wednesday night to participate in a frank discussion about race and lingering cultural division. 

The Created Equal event Wednesday night featured Actor Keith Hamilton Cobb. Tallahassee Attorney Chuck Hobbs facilitated the discussion.
Credit Sarah Mueller

Tallahassee Attorney Chuck Hobbs, who writes for media organizations like “The Hill” said he’s concerned about the hatred expressed on social media.

“When you go into the comments sections of some of the things that I write, I’m called every kind of – I don’t want to say those words - but all the N-words and the C-words, and you name it. People jump on me all the time and I think that it’s that ‘Keyboard courage’ that they have."

Rosanne Wood, recently elected to the Leon County School Board, said racial segregation is a problem in Tallahassee.

“We have a very large faith community in Tallahassee. If each area that has churches would just decide to adopt the school in their neighborhood, that they could make such a huge difference by mentoring the children in those schools and looking out for them.”

Many other participants also said racial segregation in Tallahassee is a problem and that needs to change. Some attendees cited poverty as a major factor.

Actor Keith Hamilton Cobb also previewed his play "American Moor", which explores the state of race relations, which plays today and tomorrow at Florida A&M. The hosts, Village Square and Leon County, hosted a similar event last year.