Capital Report: 03-11-16

Mar 11, 2016

The Florida Legislature’s 60-day session has come to an end.  The House and Senate today voted out a budget worth just over eighty-billion dollars and Nick Evans has the story.

A few hours before the final budget vote came, Tom Flanigan sat down with Tampa Bay Times/Miami Herald Tallahassee Bureau Chief Steve Bousquet to get his assessment of this year’s lawmaking session and what might happen next.

Florida Governor Rick Scott has signed a controversial bill dubbed the Pastor Protection Act. Regan McCarthy reports the measure would protect pastors and churches from lawsuits if they decline to participate in marriages that violate their beliefs.

A decade ago, a group of providers sued the state, charging Florida’s Medicaid program shortchanged medical and dental care for kids. Proponents said Medicaid Managed Care was supposed to make it better, but five years into the new system, the legislature is poised to remove dental coverage for kids and roll it into a separate program.

The Florida Legislature has passed a number of claims bill, sending them onto the Governor. But, as Sascha Cordner reports, some lawmakers are upset one claims bill to compensate a surviving child of abuse did not survive the legislative process.

Born into a governor’s mansion, Chelsea Clinton spent part of her formative years in the White House.  In 2008, she went to college campuses to campaign for her mom’s first presidential bid.  Today (Friday) a more mature Chelsea Clinton was back in campaign surrogate mode, playing to a different target audience as we hear from Jim Ash.