Capital Report: 02-29-2016

Feb 29, 2016

Despite a Request from Governor Rick Scott for $250 million dollar this year, there’s not much money showing up in the Enterprise Florida Budget. Regan McCarthy has more.

Florida homeowners could be in for a bit of a break when it comes to paying for their hometown public schools. Lynn Hatter reports a plan to swap a local property tax increase for more state dollars is coming closer to reality as lawmakers try to hammer out a budget plan within the next two weeks.

The question of abortion policy is at the center of legislative and judicial debates playing out in Florida.  Nick Evans reports a twenty four hour waiting period may be on its way to the Supreme Court while lawmakers propose new, more stringent restrictions.

The Republican-led Florida Legislature is reconsidering some of the harshest “get-tough-on-crime” measures adopted decades ago.  But advocates for the wrongfully incarcerated are still meeting considerable conservative resistance as we hear from Jim Ash.

A bill that enhances the penalties for passing a stopped school bus is heading to the Senate floor, after passing its last committee Monday. But, as Sascha Cordner reports, proponents of “Gabby’s Law” aren’t too happy with a recent change to the original bill.