Capital Report: 02-10-2017

Feb 10, 2017

During a week when President Donald Trump was tweeting unprecedented personal attacks on federal judges, the Florida courts were coming under some fire of their own.  Some conservative House members want to term-limit Supreme Court justices and Chief Justice Jorge Labarga (George La-BAR-guh) made a rare public response to the onslaught as we hear from Jim Ash.

The Department of Health spent a week touring the state to get feedback on their draft rule for Amendment Two.  Nick Evans reports the department’s cautious approach for implementing the medical cannabis initiative is raising the ire of would be patients.

The battle between Florida’s home repair contractors and insurance companies is expected to continue during this year’s lawmaking session.  Sarah Mueller reports both sides in the fight insist that they are the only ones looking out for homeowners.

A bill requiring autism awareness training for law enforcement officers is starting to move in both chambers of the Florida Legislature. As Sascha Cordner reports, it comes after a high profile incident that occurred in South Florida last year involving a black man, an autistic man, and law enforcement.

CRAs or community redevelopment agencies can be a little mystifying. What are they? And where do they get their money? Regan McCarthy reports lawmakers have found themselves asking many of those questions and are now asking another – shouldn’t CRAs be a little more transparent.

Mangroves are quintessentially tropical, home to colorful fish and crabs, sprouting along the coast of the Everglades and the Keys. But these plants are not marooned in South Florida anymore. Kate Payne went searching for mangroves along the state’s Gulf Coast.