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FAMU COVID-19 Test Site To Have Antibody Testing, Separate Lane For Seniors, Symptomatic Individuals

A booth is pictured. It has a banner on top of it. The banner reads, "Welcome. COVID-19 Test Site." A young woman sits at the booth wearing a face mask. An older gentleman stands to the left of the booth. He adjusts the top banner. Behind them is FAMU's Bragg Memorial Stadium.
Robbie Gaffney
The COVID-19 Test Site at Florida A & M University's Bragg Memorial Stadium will soon offer antibody testing alongside separate lanes for symptomatic people and seniors.

The COVID-19 test site at Florida A & M University will add lanes for symptomatic people and for those who are 65 years-of-age and older. These patients will swab themselves under the supervision of a healthcare worker. Gov. Ron DeSantis says those tests will get priority meaning those results will come more quickly:

“So it’s not going to be seven days, which is what’s been happening. So hopefully it will be you know, more of a 48 to 72-hour window which I think is a big deal when you’re talking about this.”

The FAMU test site will also begin offering antibody testing. Antibody tests tell people whether they have been infected with COVID-19. DeSantis says that knowledge is valuable:

“We’ve seen the antibody rates increase throughout Florida, and some days we’ll test 15, 16, 17% of the test takers will be positive for antibodies. Now, it’s not scientifically representative because it’s just first-come, first-serve. But I think that there’s a surprising amount of antibodies out there.”

Meanwhile, traditional testing lanes for asymptomatic people will continue to be available.