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Madison Schools Still Waiting On Parents To Decide Between Virtual Or Physical Classes

A Black child puts a ruler on their notebook and poises a pencil above the paper to start jotting things down.
Tamarcus Brown
Madison County Schools is still waiting on parents to notify them as to whether their child will take virtual or physical classes in the fall.

About 200 Madison County students are planning to enroll in virtual school. Parents in that county have until the end of the week to let their school know whether they want their child to be in virtual or physical classes. Superintendent Shirley Johnson says teachers will use a curriculum from Florida Virtual School for distance learning:

“In case some students want to do their work late, we’ve got to talk with the teachers about them being able to work with the kids late. After hours and what I’m talking about is about five or six o’clock, and afternoons.”

Teachers will primarily either teach physical or virtual classes. But officials say there could be some high school teachers giving lessons in person as well as online. For brick and mortar locations, Johnson says middle school students will likely follow block schedules:

“So they’ll only have three classes per day rather than six classes per day.”

Temperatures will be checked daily for staff. Teachers will have to wear face masks or shields. However, it will be hard to enforce face coverings for students, Johnson says:

“We don’t want to put a child out of school because they decide they don’t want to wear a face mask.”

For now, students won’t need to wear face coverings. The district is still working out the details for how it will check students’ temperatures in a way that won’t eat into class time. Madison County School staff will present fall reopening plans to the school board on July 28.