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Taylor County Schools Exploring Hybrid Class Options For Fall

A child draws a picture with crayons.
Aaron Burden
Taylor County Schools is hashing out its reopening plans for the fall.

Taylor County School teachers might have a mix of physical and digital classes during the fall. If a teacher has four courses in one school day, three might be physical, and the other might be virtual says Taylor County Schools Superintendent Danny Glover.

"We will not expect our teachers to teach a full load during the day and then an additional class on top of that at home," he says.

Glover says another proposal is to have one teacher dedicated to virtual schooling. Until next Friday, parents have to complete a survey as to whether they would like their child to attend virtual or physical classes.

Taylor County Schools are slated to reopen August 10, but Glover says there will be a proposal going before the board to push that back to August 13.

As for what school will look like when in fall, students and teachers won't be required to wear face masks. Personal protective equipment, like face masks, face shields, gloves, and hand sanitizer, will be offered and encouraged. Faculty will have their temperature checked but not students and visitors will not be allowed on campus.