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Liberty County Schools Slated To Finalize Reopening Plans Friday

A young woman in a denim jacket holds a binder, books, and a notepad.
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The Liberty County School District is putting its reopening plans to a vote this Friday.

The Liberty County School District has a rough draft for how it plans to reopen in the fall. Students will receive lunches in bags instead of trays. The faculty will check teacher's and student's temperatures daily. Superintendent David Summer says it's likely face masks won't be required for students:

"Students at this time are still going to be recommended that they wear masks, observe all CDC guidelines. But we're not going that step as of right now to make it mandatory for students to wear masks."

The district is still considering whether to require teachers to wear face masks. Summers says one proposal is to have plexiglass in the classroom:

"I can see it used in the primary grades level, let's say a third-grade classroom that's doing small group work. It would be between the teacher and the students sitting around the table. There again, we haven't seen it in action. We can only envision what we think it will look like," Summers says.

Summers says this is subject to change, and may not end up in the finalized reopening plan. The rough draft is slated to be workshopped and put to the vote on Friday.