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Leon County Schools Announce Short-Term Distance Learning Plan

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Robbie Gaffney

Leon County Schools will start handing out class materials on March 30. These materials, along with other resources, will be available online or can be picked up from schools. Paper packets will also be available for families that get food from the district.

Superintendent Rocky Hanna says there are still kinks to work out as the community starts distance learning.

"So this is new for us, and it's new for them. But at the end of the day, we're going to show compassion and grace, but we just want to make sure that we're engaging academically at some level starting March 30 with our students, [and] we'll kind of figure it out from there," he said during Thursday's press conference at the district offices.

The material will be a review of subjects taught to students and will not contain new content. The district is still working to figure out whether teachers will be available to answer student's questions regarding the packet. There would be some form of a grade but the district is still working out details. 

Teachers over the next week will be getting training on how to work with the packets. The packets are designed to get from March 30-April 15. The district has a follow-up plan for April 15 and longer. 

"We're really going to take our guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and the Department of Health in terms of what is safest for our families," Gregory says.

If Florida schools are forced to expand distance learning past April, Gregory says the district will enter phase two, which hinges on whether teachers report back to work. Right now, they're on Spring Break. March 27 is the date planned for when teachers post or finalize student's quarter three grades.

"What we are waiting for guidance and what seems to be changing daily if not every 12 hours is what expectations are for individuals in terms of leave. So if teachers can't work, if we're not working, we're going to not have teachers working. If teachers are working, then we will be working with them to develop plans to go live with something on April 13," Gregory says.

The district is still working on plans for students with disabilities.

Report cards are still going out April 1. Teachers are tallying grades.

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