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Visit Tallahassee Starts Bucket List Second Season

Tom Flanigan

The changing of the seasons is upon us. That also means a change in the Tallahassee area’s seasonal promotion campaign to attract tourists.

The person in charge of that campaign is Kerri Post. She heads up the Leon County Tourist Development Council, which does business under the moniker “Visit Tallahassee.” She said the reason why so many of this region’s visitors come is somewhat different than what happens in a place like Orlando or Miami.

“The reality is that 30 percent of our visitors to Tallahassee stay with friends and family. They come here to visit friends and family.”

Which in essence makes those friends and family members the de facto tour guides for their visitors. That is why Visit Tallahassee launched a campaign back in May called “Seasoned Local,” encouraging the people who live here more information about the area’s many attractions and points of interest.

“The more we can educate our locals on all there is to see and do around here, and how much this destination has changed, from Uptown to the Market District, Midtown, College Town, Gaines, South Town. There’s so much going on and this program is designed to motivate them with a seasonal bucket list.”

A bucket list of various things to see and do, with each one counting towards an overall goal. Post said a lot of people got involved with the initial summertime bucket list.

“We had about 5,000 folks engaged in the program, posting and sending out pictures and what they’re doing on the bucket list. But as part of it, if you achieved a certain number of activities on the bucket list, you could win some prizes and we had 35 people go all the way to win the top prizes.”

But fall is now upon us. And Post said that means a new seasonal bucket list.

“And so it encompasses of course some of the ‘GetDowns’ to encourage folks. And you know we have a new addition with the ‘Frenchtown Rising’ and they’re knocking that out of the park. One of the fun things, particularly with Halloween coming up is a stop at the Tallahassee Auto Museum to see the vampire-killing kit.”

Which actually does exist, in addition to the popular downtown ghost tours, which highlight some of the creepier and more sordid tales from the Capital City’s past. To reach the maximum number of people, Post said the campaign is broadening its online footprint to include every available platform.

“Social media, e-mail marketing, some local influencers, we’ve done some digital media all to raise the awareness of the Seasoned Local/bucket list campaign. And we’re trying some new twists on it in a couple of weeks so hopefully you’ll start seeing the promotion for Seasoned Local and to visit the web site, which is: www.seasonedlocal.com. Of course, www.visittallahassee.com has a link to it as well. But the bucket list again is a fun way to experience Tallahassee in all seasons.”

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