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Tallahassee Airport Returns To Normal Following Cancellations

Kate Payne

Tallahassee’s airport is returning to normal after unseasonable snow grounded seven flights on Tuesday and Wednesday.


Frozen rain, ice and snow coated the Southeast Wednesday, with the National Weather Service in Tallahassee tallying 0.1 inches of snow, the first measurable snowfall in 28 years.

But despite a string of cancellations, the Tallahassee International Airport was ready for the winter weather according to Director David Pollard. He says airlines have de-icing equipment on hand. But ultimately the decision to ground planes is up to the carriers, not him.

“While we’re able to de-ice, it’s just not something that’s done too frequently out here. Again it’s up to those airlines. That’s a responsibility that rests with them to make sure their aircraft is de-iced. And the pilot in command of that aircraft is making that final determination,” Pollard said. 

Airports in Valdosta and Jacksonville also say cancellations and delays. While Tallahassee is through the worst of the cold front, Pollard warns harsh weather across the country could continue to shake up travel plans this week.

“The airlines will be looking at that, adjusting their schedules if they need to. So we may continue to see some impacts. But as of right now, things are going very well and airlines are moving again,” Pollard said.

Travelers should get the latest details from their carrier before heading to the airport.