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Despite Severe Weather, Local Arbor Day Effort To Replant Trees Remains Success

City of Tallahassee's twitter
Volunteers planting trees at Lafayette Park on Saturday.

Despite this weekend’s severe weather, more than 130 newly planted trees stayed safe at Lafayette Park.

The new trees at Lafayette Park were put in place to make up for those damaged during Hurricane Hermine. And, some worried the severe weather could have impacted the new trees—planted to resist future storms. But, Kenny Welsh—Tallahassee’s Supervisor of Park Operations—says everything’s fine.

“The trees were kind of smaller. So, in that regard—during an event like this, yes, there are high winds and stuff like that,” he said. “But, in Lafayette Park, there’ a lot of tall and mature trees and in many aspects, those taller canopies will protect a lot of that understory stuff and especially the new growth.”

In fact, he says the rainy weather did the new plantings some good.

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