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Florida State University

After much debate and controversy, Florida State University will change one building’s name, keep another building’s name as is and relocate a founder’s statue.

Several Republican Senators in Florida say they’re disappointed in their own party for “politicizing the merit retention election” for three state Supreme Court Justices. But, the Republican Party of Florida is firing back, saying those Senators are just out of step with the rest of the party.

In late September, the Republican Party of Florida’s executive board voted to oppose the retention of three Supreme Court Justices:  Fred Lewis, Barbara Pariente, and Peggy Quince.  

It’s About Florida: Merit Retention

Jun 7, 2012

The Florida Bar is reminding voters that a number of judges will be on the ballot in the coming election. The Bar says many citizens don’t know they have a voice in whether judges and the state’s supreme court justices stay behind the bench and Sean Desmond, President of the Bar’s Young Lawyers Division, says that’s partly because they can’t campaign.

Host: Trimmel Gomes

Guests: Sean Desmond, President of the Young Lawyers Division for The Florida Bar.