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Cord from device drapes onto the road and hooks into a car parked by curbside.
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Lawmakers are considering a move to build more electric car charging stations on state highways. They're also looking into a measure to pave the way for solar energy in schools. 

workers in neon colored vests walk along a dirt path. One worker is handling a frame.
Gulf Power Company

Gulf Power has completed the first of 300,000 panels for a new solar energy center in Jackson County. 

New Solar Farm Draws Criticism, Support

Jan 17, 2018
A series of solar panels outlined against a bright blue sky, with clouds. The sun shines down on the solar panels in this solar farm.

The City of Tallahassee’s first solar farm was connected to the energy grid on January 1. State officials and consumers expressed excitement about the development, but not everyone is happy about the solar program.

Kate Payne via WFSU

Construction for Tallahassee’s first solar power plant is underway. Not everyone in Tallahassee can install their own rooftop solar panels, whether they want to or not. But Mayor Andrew Gillum says residents will soon have another option, because of the city’s new 20 megawatt community solar farm.

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Tuesday Floridians voted overwhelmingly to lower taxes on solar equipment. But activists are bracing for another campaign – this one against a utility-backed amendment on the November ballot.

Lance Cheung

Deputy City Manager Reese Goad says the City will start construction on a 100 acre, 20 megawatt solar farm by the airport this summer. 

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The future is bright for a proposed solar power plant in the capital of the Sunshine State.

Capital Report: 01-16-2015

Jan 16, 2015

A former Florida Department of Law Enforcement official is accusing Governor Rick Scott of political payback after he removed Gerald Bailey as head Of FDLE. It’s not unusual for a governor to shuffle agency heads at the start of a second term, but as Lynn Hatter reports, in Bailey’s case, the issue is about how and why his departure occurred.

Despite a victorious election season, the current Republican Party of Florida’s chair is facing what looks to be a tough fight for her own reelection this Saturday. Regan McCarthy has more

George Sheldon
Matthew Stolpe / WFSU News

A Democratic Florida attorney general candidate is speaking out against energy conservation program cuts. Power companies are asking regulators to allow the programs to be scaled back in favor of more cost-effective ventures.

Attorney general candidate George Sheldon is calling on the Public Service Commission to deny utility companies’ requests for lower energy-efficiency standards. The PSC regulates privately owned utilities. The commission is meeting this week with power companies, including Florida Power & Light and Duke Energy to re-evaluate conservation goals.