Old houses sit with Apalachee Parkway in the background, circa 1960's
State Archives of Florida, Florida Memory

As an old neighborhood in Tallahassee is being demolished to extend a new road called FAMU Way, some call the changes progress. It’s the latest effort to make improvements to a poor area of the city near the historically black Florida A&M University. Others use the word gentrification, and it’s a move we’ve seen before.

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The Frenchtown Historical Marker Trail was unveiled today by the city of Tallahassee and John G. Riley Museum. The trail has sound boxes that play oral histories of the area.

One of Tallahassee’s oldest neighborhoods will soon be telling its story through the voices of its most prominent residents, even though they are no longer alive.  Frenchtown’s historic celebration, including these "Soul Voices," will play out over four upcoming weekends.

Residents in Frenchtown and Tallahassee’s Southside will have two chances next week to give input to city officials about a Community Redevelopment Plan for the area.

Tom Flanigan

A lively forum on Tallahassee's big issues took place the night of Tuesday, Feb. 26 at the Bethel Family Life Center in Frenchtown. Much of the discussion focused on the challenges facing the city's low income residents.

Tom Flanigan

On Saturday, July 7, the Frenchtown Farmers' Market had fresh produce, handicrafts, and lots of hometown politics. Candidates showed up for every local race on the upcoming ballot.

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City of Tallahassee crews will start work on cleaning up the streets of Griffin Heights and the Greater Frenchtown neighborhoods as part of the city’s Public Safety Initiative designed to address public safety by focusing on crime prevention, education, and community beautification. Cynthia Barber is the Assistant City Manager for Community Engagement and Public Safety.

Frenchtown Redevelopment Partners, LLC. /$file/Attachment%202.pdf

Local officials are moving forward with a plan to redesign the site that once held Tallahassee’s old homeless shelter. But there are concerns about whether the area can sustain more retail and private homes.

Cascades Park
City of Tallahassee

The John Gilmore Riley Center Museum is hosting a historic preservation conference in Tallahassee. It’s part of the Florida African American Heritage Preservation Network the museum created in 2001.

Frenchtown Redevelopment Partners, LLC.

After years of making do, Frenchtown residents could one day have a neighborhood grocery store. That’s part of a early-stage plan to redevelop a key downtown block. But some residents are concerned the history of the area could get lost in the process.

Artist renderings of what a possible mixed use housing development in Frenchtown would look like.
City of Tallahassee

The recent sale of Frenchtown land to a real estate developer may open the neighborhood to greater development, raising fears of gentrification.

Artist renderings of what a possible mixed use housing development in Frenchtown would look like.
City of Tallahassee

Tallahassee Commissioners are postponing the sale of a parcel of land in Frenchtown. Residents protested the sale of the land to a student-housing developer, saying it jeopardizes the historic nature of the area.

Lincoln Neighborhood Center Becomes Historic Marker

Oct 17, 2016
Florida Memory State Library & Archives

On Friday, the Lincoln Neighborhood Center will be honored with a historic marker dedication ceremony. 

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Local health community leaders are hoping to get more input about major issues of concern to people living in the Frenchtown and Southside areas. They’re also hoping more people will join a Community Advisory Council looking into such issues.

The Shelter

City leaders say they hope to reinvigorate the Frenchtown community. The planned relocation of the city’s main homeless refuge to West Pensacola Street could be their chance to bring Frenchtown back.