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Lawyers for a Kissimmee Planned Parenthood facility generated sharp exchanges Wednesday as they tried to convince the Florida Supreme Court to lift a “temporary” injunction against abortions.

The Florida Supreme Court has decided it won’t hear a Tampa couple’s lawsuit over faulty Chinese-manufactured drywall.

The Florida Supreme Court may soon decide whether the dulcet tones of the 60s-era Turtles and 21st Century digital radio can live “Happy Together.”

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Questions about the constitutionality of alcohol tests are being raised on a state and national level. The Florida Supreme Court announced it will hear arguments in a case from Volusia County about the state's Refusal to Submit law.

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Today, the Florida Supreme Court announced it will hear arguments regarding the U.S. Constitution and breath tests.

In October 2013, an officer pulled over William Williams in Volusia County for suspected driving under the influence. When he refused to take a breath test, Williams was arrested.

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The Florida Supreme Court took up arguments Thursday in a double murder case from 2004.  The Court is considering whether to grant a new trial.


Former and current members of the Florida Supreme Court gathered together this week to remember Leander Shaw, the high court’s first black chief justice.

The Florida Supreme Court.
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Florida’s appellate and Supreme Court magistrates could be subject to term limits under a plan by the Florida House. Supporters of the bill, including the chamber’s conservative leaders, say judges were never meant to have lifetime appointments to the bench.


The Florida Supreme Court’s first African American Chief Justice has died.

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A Florida man convicted of killing four people, including his own daughter, is scheduled to die by lethal injection Thursday. Jerry Correll’s execution had been delayed for months.

Florida Chief Justice Labarga Creates New Award For Judges

Jul 17, 2015
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Florida Supreme Court Chief Justice Jorge Labarga has created a new award to recognize judicial excellence. The first recipient is getting kudos for his efforts to change the court's treatment of mentally ill offenders.

Congressional Redistricting: Take Three

Jul 10, 2015
The Florida Capitol Building from Adams Street
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A special legislative session will be in the works again after Thursday’s congressional map redistricting decision by the Florida Supreme Court. The resulting outcomes of changing the gerrymandered maps for the second time – could affect Florida’s current congressional districts in a big way.

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The state’s court system will be a top priority next year in Florida’s criminal justice budget. That’s what a group of Florida lawmakers have vowed to do.

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The Florida Supreme Court is trying to determine whether forty Sarasota landowners should be compensated for land seized by the federal government.

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Florida Supreme Court Justices are weighing the appeal of a death row inmate convicted of killing a north Florida correctional officer a few years ago.


A bill allowing young victims to secretly record their attackers to use as evidence in court is now headed to the Governor, after passing the House Friday.

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Bills aimed at helping Florida’s youth have passed the state Senate Wednesday.

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A measure allowing certain abuse victims to secretly record their attackers to use as evidence in court is now heading to the Senate floor.

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A bill allowing young sexual abuse victims to secretly record their attackers to use as evidence in court cleared its first Senate hearing Monday.

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A measure allowing sexual abuse victims to use secret recordings of their attackers as evidence in court is moving forward in the Florida House. The proposed committee bill gained initial approval in the House Criminal Justice Subcommittee Tuesday.

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Attorney General Pam Bondi says she’s on board with a bill making it easier for sexual abuse victims under the age of 17 to privately record their attacker so it can hold up in a Florida court.

“Hopefully, we’ll be able to get that through because that’s very, very important. But, just know, that it’s a very narrow, narrow field, and only has to do with children and rape victims—not just at the hands of their parents, but any pedophile,” said Bondi, during a recent Associated Press gathering in Tallahassee.

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The Florida Supreme Court is kicking off a state-wide tour this week in Orlando. The court wants feedback from the public on ways to improve operations.

The high court is using the tour to get the public’s take on issues faced in the judicial system that could include subjects like access or funding. Office of State Courts Administrator, Joanne Snair says the court wants to hear from the public.


At least one lawmaker has followed through on an abuse survivor’s vow to make sure legislation was filed to allow young victims to use private recordings in sex abuse cases. It follows a recent Florida Supreme Court ruling that will now allow a man convicted of abusing his stepdaughter to get a new trial, after she taped an incriminating conversation without his consent.

The Case

Florida needs 35 new judges next year to deal with a chronic backlog in the courts. That’s according to a report issued by the state supreme court. New judges are needed even though some of the workload is easing, including a 7-percent decline in felony juvenile delinquency cases.

The Legislature hasn’t funded any new trial court judges in seven years, justices say. The report recommends creating the bulk of the new judges, 32, in county courts.

Florida Bar president Greg Coleman agrees.

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Should the Florida Supreme Court or the state Legislature have the power to shift the burden of proof to a defendant or the state prosecutor in a Stand Your Ground case? That question was recently before the high court as well as the Legislature earlier this year. So, could that come back into play again next legislative session?

The Case Before The Court