Florida Senator Eleanor Sobel

Florida Senate

The newest chairman of the committee that looks at children and elder affair issues is outlining some of his top priorities for the 2017 legislative session.

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The sexual abuse survivor and advocate running for a state Senate seat just put out her first campaign ad.

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There are five Holocaust memorials and museums across the state. The Florida Legislature just sent a bill to the Governor for approval to add another memorial in the Capitol city.

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A Florida lawmaker is hoping to bring back a discussion about the best way to prevent skin cancer in younger people. Her measure bans minors from using tanning beds.

Florida Senate

Florida lawmakers want to reform the way the state deals with substance abuse and mental health issues. One legislator hopes her recent appointment to an advisory council will help with that effort.

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Greyhounds are taking the lead with an injury reporting bill already rounding the corner. It’s one of the first bills Senate President Andy Gardiner has said he wants to see cross the finish line this session. The measure requires the Department of Business and Professional Regulation to track injuries greyhounds sustain while racing. Officials say, a racing greyhound dies in Florida every three days. But Jack Cory who represents the Florida Greyhound Association says the bill won’t help.

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Florida lawmakers are considering a bill that would ensure the coaches and officials of youth athletic leagues undergo a background check. Some say the proposal is a homerun, while others are crying foul.

Florida Senate

South Florida's Assisted Living Facilities were the subject of a series of 2011 Miami Herald reports alleging lax oversight and abuse of residents in several South Florida facilities. Now, years later, Florida lawmakers are inching closer on bills cracking down on the industry.

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A state appeals court has, for the second time, allowed a South Florida assisted living facility for young adults with developmental disabilities to keep accepting clients.  Health regulators have been trying to close the center for years.  Members of one Pinellas County family protesting at the statehouse earlier this month say they don’t want other families to endure what they have.

Governor Rick Scott Vetoes Mental Health Bill

Jun 13, 2013

Florida Governor Rick Scott vetoed a bill Wednesday aimed at improving mental health care in the judicial system.  The bill would have simplified and streamlined the transfer process between different facilities. 

Scott, however, objected to a different provision in the bill that would have placed a three year limit on rehabilitation before the accused could stand trial.